Calculate Your GPA

You may calculate your Quarterly GPA by following these steps.

  1. Enter the number of hours for the course
  2. Enter the grade for the course. Only grades that are included in your GPA should be included in the calculation.
  3. Click "Compute". The calculator will automatically calculate your grade points.
  4. After you have finished entering all grades, click the "compute" button at the bottom of the calculator. Your grade point average is displayed at the bottom of the calculator.

To calculate your Cumulative GPA, follow these steps.

  1. Enter the number of hours of class you have completed thus far in the first row.  Do not enter any value in the 'Letter Grade' column for this row, and then enter your cumulative grade points (not your cumulative GPA) in the Grade Points column.  [To find your cumulative grade points, multiply the number of class hours you've completed by your cumulative GPA (be sure to enter all of the decimals)
  2. Fill in the remaining rows as per the directions on finding quarterly GPA.

NOTE: You must use a Java-script enabled browser to calculate your GPA.

# of Hours Letter Grade Grade Points  
Total #
of Hours
Grade Point
Total Grade

This GPA Calculator was created by Tom O'Brien of the UC Berkeley Academic Achievement Division and adapted for use at Marquette University by Jeremy Williams.

This page was last updated on: Sunday, January 15, 2006