Athletic Department

Marquette University Athletics Department

Our mission is to strive for excellence in academics, athletics, leadership, and service to others in the Jesuit tradition, while embracing equity in opportunity, good sportsmanship, and ethical conduct.

Al McGuire Center Address

770 N. 12th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 288-6303 (Phone)
(414) 288-6519

All Phone Numbers are Area Code (414)

Bill Scholl Vice President and Director of Athletics 288-6303
Mike Broeker Deputy Athletic Director 288-6303
Sarah Bobert Senior Associate Athletic Director - Internal Operations/SWA 288-5253
Mary Larkin Office Manager 288-4796
Athletic Advancement/Blue & Gold Fund
Joe True Associate Athletic Director, Development 288-0253
TBA Director of Development, Athletics 288-4701
Kerry Richter Assistant Director, Blue & Gold Fund 288-6550
Brandon Pond Advancement Associate 288-5436
Business Office
Todd Wenslaff Assistant Internal Operations Coordinator 288-5580
Danielle Josetti Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 288-3983
Jaime McGaver Director of Compliance 288-5328
Jose Genao Assistant Director of Compliance 288-4971
Marquette Gymnasium
Main Line Marquette Gym 288-7707
Facilities and Events
Aaron Baker Associate Athletic Director, Facilities 288-3290
Tim Watts Assistant Director, Facilities & Events 288-1626
Greg Pierce Graduate Assistant 288-6303
Marketing & Sales/Tickets/Special Events
Kim Dulde Associate Athletic Director, Marketing & Sales 288-4851
Erin Hardiman Director of Ticket Operations 288-4104
Greg Cronkite Assistant Director of Marketing 288-0264
John Corwin Marketing Assistant 288-0288
TBA Marketing Assistant 288-4852
Michael Worzalla Marketing & Ticketing Assistant 288-3784
Scott Kuykendall Associate Athletic Director, Communications (MBB, MTEN) 288-4794
Michael Wittliff Director of Communications (WSOC, MLAX, MGOLF) 288-7447
Luke Pattarozzi Assistant Director (MSOC, WLAX, M/W CC/T&F) 288-6980
Megan O'Shea Assistant Director (VB, WBB, WTEN) 288-7419
Tim Raasch Brand Marketing Creative Director, Athletics 288-0304
Patrick Reed Director of Digital Media/Internet Services 288-3040
Maggie Bean Multimedia Production Coordinator 288-0293
Learfield Sports - Marquette Properties
Brad Harrison General Manager 288-1679
Shayne Donohue Director of Marketing and Sales 288-1524
TBA Sales & Marketing Coordinator 288-5145
Marquette Spirit Shop
Jim Graebert Senior Director 288-3050
Larry Birkett Associate Director 288-1929
Tina Aiello Accounts Coordinator 288-3052
Julie Mikolajewski Senior Merchandise Coordinator 288-3047
Spirit Squad (Cheerleading and Dance)
Mary Larkin Head Spirit Squad Coach 288-4796
Student-Athlete Performance
Brandon Yoder Director of Sports Medicine (MBB, MGOLF) 288-3067
Lisa VanHoose Assistant Athletic Trainer (MSOC, MTEN, WTEN) 288-7136
Aaron Doering Assistant Athletic Trainer (MLAX) 288-6687
Danielle Armstrong Assistant Athletic Trainer (WSOC) 288-0341
Mary Wieczorek Assistant Athletic Trainer (WBB) 288-0238
Cally Beltz Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (VB, M/W Track & Field) 288-6303
Patrick Patti Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (WLAX, M/W CC) 288-6303
Todd Smith Director of Sports Performance 288-5785
Maggie Smith Assistant Director of Sports Performance 288-0312
Nate Heyrman Assistant Director of Sports Performance 288-4872
Tom Ford Associate Athletic Director
Academic Support & Student Programs
Adrienne Ridgeway Assistant Athletic Director, Academic Services/Life Skills Coordinator 288-0266
Maureen Lewis Student Programs Coordinator 288-0330
Meryl Franke Learning Specialist - Athletics 288-4861
Katie Simet Learning Specialist - Athletics 288-4881
Dr. Richard Jones Faculty Athletics Representative 288-3436
Sports Offices
Men's Basketball (414) 288-3294 (Fax)
Steve Wojciechowski Head Coach 288-7130
Chris Carrawell Assistant Coach 288-7130
Brett Nelson Assistant Coach 288-7130
Mark Phelps Assistant Coach 288-7130
Justin Gainey Director of Basketball Operations 288-7130
Travis Diener Director of Player Personnel 288-7130
Jake Presutti Video Coordinator 288-7130
Tyler Thornton Graduate Manager 288-7130
Barb Kellaher Director of Basketball Administration 288-7130
Allison Kellaher Coordinator of Basketball Administration 288-7130
Women's Basketball (414) 288-5282 (Fax)
Carolyn Kieger Head Coach 288-5784
Ginny Boggess Assistant Coach 288-5784
Scott Merritt Assistant Coach 288-5784
Vernette Skeete Assistant Coach 288-5784
Kiesha Oliver-Hayes Director of Student-Athlete Development 288-5784
Rachel Sander Director of Program Development 288-5784
Colleen Schmidt Executive Assistant 288-5784
Matt Narveson Graduate Assistant 288-0332
Marylynne Schaefer Graduate Assistant 288-5784
Men's Golf (414) 288-3567 (Fax)
Steve Bailey Head Coach 288-5156
Michael Bielawski Assistant Coach 288-4653
Men's Lacrosse (414) 288-6447
Joe Amplo Head Coach 288-4959
Stephen Brundage Associate Head Coach 288-5371
Jeff Roberts Assistant Coach 288-4858
Jason Pereles Director of Lacrosse Operations 288-5387
Michael Storts Volunteer Assistant Coach 288-5387
Women's Lacrosse (414) 288-6876
Meredith Black Head Coach 288-4958
Jordy Kirr Assistant Coach 288-7746
Hannah Clarke Assistant Coach 288-2006
Men's Soccer (414) 288-1509 (Fax)
Louis Bennett Head Coach 288-3069
Steve Bode Assistant Coach 288-6628
Marcelo Santos Assistant Coach 288-4452
Nick Vorberg Volunteer Assistant Coach
Women's Soccer (414) 288-1489 (Fax)
Markus Roeders Head Coach 288-7414
Frank Pelaez Associate Head Coach 288-3669
Ashley Bares Assistant Coach 288-4453
Nick Vorberg Volunteer Assistant Coach
Men's Tennis (414) 288-1488 (Fax)
Steve Rodecap Head Coach 288-3775
Jud Shaufler Assistant Coach 288-6689
Women's Tennis (414) 288-5686 (Fax)
Jody Bronson Head Coach 288-5146
Nick Kavelaris Assistant Coach 288-6004
Track & Field/Cross Country (414) 288-1496 (Fax)
Mike Nelson Head Cross Country/Asst. Track & Field Coach 288-5105
Bert Rogers Head Track & Field Coach 288-5106
Mike Koenning Associate Head Track & Field Coach 288-5787
Rick Bellford Assistant Track & Field Coach 288-6690
Volleyball (414) 288-0326 (Fax)
Ryan Theis Head Coach 288-5157
Erich Hinterstocker Associate Head Coach 288-6094
Meghan Keck Assistant Coach 288-5144
Big East NCAA Marquette University Learfield