Marquette Mailbag: Brad Autry

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Marquette Mailbag is a weekly feature in the Social Summer Series

Men's Basketball Assistant Coach Brad Autry was kind enough to volunteer for the inaugural edition of Marquette Mailbag. Here are your questions from the past week and here's what Brad had to say...

How is your role different now as an assistant coach vs. your old position?
- Jamison, Stevens Point 

There are NCAA limitations on involvement in recruiting and on-floor coaching in my previous position so those restrictions have now been lifted. I have always been heavily involved with the development of our players in a variety of areas and that will continue. Coach Williams is very good about involving our entire staff in as much of the operation of the program as possible within NCAA rules.  We have had a very talented staff here for the last four years and I feel like each of us played an important role in the development of our program.  Buzz has continued to add talent in the open positions and has been very prepared for the inevitable changes that come with success.  I appreciate the opportunity to continue to move forward in my coaching career and look forward to the new challenges

What is one thing about Buzz that most people don't know?
- Brian, Syracuse, N.Y.       

Buzz loves music about as much as any person I've ever known. Buzz, Barb and I have an ongoing name that tune" contest in the office.  Given a select few lyrics to a song you have to name the song and/or artist.  He is also a connoisseur of the national anthem performances at games.  He loves a well sung national anthem!

What exactly is in the bag of the book of important things?
- Ted Baker, Eustis, NE      

The bag holds the book of important things. Those important things are varied and on a "need to know" basis only.  That kind of information needs only to be in the hands of men trained in the dispensing of said information.  I've already said too much.  I was never here.

What is the hardest thing about recruiting 18 year olds to come and play for Marquette?
- Thomas Janowski, Park Ridge, IL       

The number of people that surround players that are talented enough to help us win a national championship at Marquette. It is absolutely bizarre.  

Who is going to be the NBA Champions?
- Maria Guadalupe Rosas, Milwaukee       

Hayward = OKC Thunder / Wade ='s a win/win.  I'm a fan of Marquette and great basketball.  It will end up being a tremendous series and I believe it goes 7 games.  I think it's too close to call.

Which of the returning players do you feel is poised for a breakout season in 2012-13 and why?
- Boyd, Pecatonica    

Every year it is interesting to watch how the roles of each player change with the graduation of seniors.  We have been very fortunate every year to have those that are "leaders in waiting" rise up and meet the challenge when their time has arrived.  We have a very talented core of returners and each will play a critical role in the continued success of our program next year.

Have any NBA teams contacted you about Jae or DJO? What are their lives like now as they prepare for the draft and where do you think they'll be picked?
- James, Spartanburg, S.C.              

Many teams have contacted me and our entire staff about Jae and Darius both.  The investment that NBA teams are preparing to make in the upcoming draft is staggering.  No team will leave any stone unturned in gathering as much information as possible on any possible draft pick.  I think they are both handling the pressure of the tryouts very well and have performed at a high level at every opportunity.  It's impossible to predict where they will go in the draft because there is so much speculation involved and it is extremely difficult to know exactly what is going to happen past the first 10-15 picks in the 1st round.  The recent success of Wes, Lazar and Jimmy out of our program have given both a great deal of confidence that they are prepared regardless of what happens in the draft.  All either of them want is an opportunity to prove themselves worthy of being on a roster next year.  We all want that for them as well.

Who wins one-on-one: you or Buzz? Who's the best player on the staff?
- Adam, Providence, RI    

I think you would get different answers from every person on staff if you asked that same question.  We all think we are pretty good...even when we aren't.  Buzz can really shoot it and when he gets going you can't give him a look.  Jamie McNeilly has us all on age and is a big guard that was a really good player at UNO who I coached against during my time at UALR.  Blair Broadhurst was great off the bounce and Todd Smith is a rebounding maniac.....I would say Double E (Ernest Eugene) has the sweetest "raindrop" jumper of them all and I hear Coach Chew can play a little ball...we shall see.  But, obviously, I'm the best player....and it's not even close.

What thoughts were going through your mind immediately after the Murray State win?
- Taylor, Dayton   

"Did we just win a game to go to the Sweet 16 on the road?"  Was the toughest tournament environment I have ever been in with that crowd and their confidence and talent level.  Was a huge win that might not have seemed as big as it was.  To beat a team that had that kind of roll going in what was essentially a road game?? Huge.  Buzz and our players were absolute warriors.

Want more from Coach Autry? Follow him on Twitter: @BradAutry

Check back on Monday to learn next week's featured guest.

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