Marquette Mailbag: Steve Novak

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Marquette Mailbag is a weekly feature in the Social Summer Series

20110302_MB_006_MC.jpg The legendary Marquette sharpshooter turned New York sensation, Steve Novak, is today's guest for "Marquette Mailbag." Thanks to everyone who submitted a question; Steve's responses are below.

Q: Steve, can you tell us about your connection with the Loeys Dietz Syndrome Foundation? I hear you are doing a golf outing in July in Grafton and would like more information. 
- Charlie, Shorewood, Wis.

A: Loeys Dietz Syndrome was introduced to me when I met a young girl named Maureen Jurgens during my sophomore year in college. She was wearing my jersey because she said it have her strength during her toughest moments. I knew I had to meet her and when I did I fell in love with her whole outlook on life. She is one of the toughest and most optimistic people I know. This year my family along with the Jurgens family is hosting a golf outing to raise money for research. It is our goal to find a cure for the Loeys Dietz Syndrome as well as spread awareness around the world. To get more information and to sign up to golf July 20th Go to


Q: What did Marquette basketball do for you that no other university could?
- Nathan, Chesterfield, Mo.

A: Marquette University offered me the opportunity to not only play basketball for one of the top teams in the country, but also to get an education that will last me a lifetime. The people I have met throughout my years at Marquette are also something that I believe has set MU apart. The University's network is far reaching and was a huge asset once I graduated.


Q: Steve, what lies ahead for you? Back with the Knicks? Some new address? We (my alum hubby) and I enjoyed seeing you with the Knicks (my hubby's home town team). We will be rooting for you.
- Sarah Y., Sioux Falls, S.D.

A: I will be returning to the Knicks next season! I am very happy that I'm able to return to the Garden next year. It is an incredible place to play and living there is awesome.


Q: Sure Shot, how did the rush/excitement of your Notre Dame game (I was there) compare to some of the big 3's you hit late in those massively popular games late this past season? I saw how rockin MSG was, but the BC was pretty insane when you hit that corner 3 to win. Congrats on a great season. Great to hear about the Bird ruling. You deserve it.
- Jason B., Elm Grove, Wis.

A: There really is no bigger rush than hitting a big shot. It's hard to say if there is one that is more exciting than another, but there is no doubt when it is a game winner, that it doesn't get much better! I would say though that my most memorable shot in college was the game winner against Notre Dame.


Q: Hi Steve. First of all, I wish you hearty congratulations on all your success. I'm inspired by your work ethic and your commitment to realizing your passion and dreams. Now that you've been in the NBA for a number of seasons, and have played for several teams ... what has been the most rewarding part of your time as a professional basketball player? Thanks for your time! Every best wish.
- Marc M., Mequon, Wis

A: I would have to say that the most rewarding part is being able to say that I am truly living my dream. There is nothing I would rather be doing than playing basketball. I am very blessed to have been able to achieve many of the things I dreamed of doing when I was just a young kid.

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