Marquette Mailbag: Meredith Black

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20110302_MB_006_MC.jpg Marquette women's lacrosse head coach Meredith Black was our guest for the latest edition of "Marquette Mailbag," answering your questions on her first year on the job and the upcoming campaign...

Q: With men's/boys lacrosse growing so rapidly across the area, what recommendations would you have to a growing LAX Club that would like to expand into adding a girls program?  One of our greatest challenges appears to be finding female coaches with lacrosse background or general "parents" that are not intimidated by learning and coaching a girls team. Thank you in advance for your response.

-Rob Murphy, Franklin, Wis.

A: Honestly, I do not have a great answer to this. First and foremost, I would start by having clinics in order to have girls try out the sport. I think the hardest part is getting the girls to try it out because no one wants to purchase the stick if they are not going to stick with it. I would say have a couple sticks on hand and have the girls learn the basics of the game. Then I would encourage any parents who would help out to go to and check out the coaching clinics they offer online. I think we need to educate everyone on the game and that is the first step. I think with Marquette adding this sport, it will give everyone in the state an opportunity to see the game in its best form. 


Q: If you had to put a label on the team right now, do you think you'll be defensive-minded or do you like to play a more run-and-gun offensive attack?

-Taylor, Dayton, Ohio

A: I would say at this point we are more defensive heavy, but it is interesting that you ask that because I am a more run-and-gun offensive coach. I think we will get to that point, but we need to take this time and focus on our defense. We also have some highly skilled defenders coming in, which should help us in that area. 


Q: What has been the biggest obstacle in building the program from scratch, especially with being a first-time head coach?

-Tony, Madison

A: My lack of patience is the biggest obstacle for me. I know I have to be patient, but I want to win and I want to be playing in championships tomorrow, but that is not realistic. There is a lot of work to be done before we get to that point, so I need to calm myself down and do not let my lack of patience get the best of me. 


Q: What has been your primary focus this summer? Recruiting? Scheduling? A lot of everything I imagine.
-Jen, West Allis, Wis.

A: RECRUITING!!! My assistants and I have been out on the road every single week/weekend since June 4. The entire focus has been on recruiting as we get most of our recruits from the club circuit which all happens over the summer. 


Q: What would you say are your primary selling points when you're recruiting kids to come play at Marquette?

Tomas, Milwaukee

1. Idea that they get to help in creating the legacy of Marquette women's lacrosse. 

2. The campus (It sells itself. It has the best of both worlds, an urban setting with a campus feel).
3. The fact that they have an open door to come in and make an impact right off the bat.


Q: Does any part of you wish you were still playing? How many times during a practice do you have to resist the urge to jump into the play?
Kristina, Mequon, Wis.

A: I always wish I was still playing. Every single day I wish that I could go out and be the one in college. Both my assistants and I actually played almost every day this past year. Since we have no "upperclassmen" on the team, we have to step in and set the standard for what we expect. Luckily I am young enough that I can still play with these girls. Ask this same question in 10 years. :-) 

Additional Information
Black's Q&A from Inside Lacrosse on Feb. 16, 2011

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