A Special Bond Between a Mother and Son

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By Chris Jenkins
Marquette Senior Writer

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Stay in the moment. That's one of the biggest lessons life has taught Judy Lockett. 
So you'd better bet she was going to come see her son, Marquette guard Trent Lockett, play his first NCAA tournament game in person. Even if it meant driving 12 hours straight through from Minnesota, along with two friends. 
And did it ever pay off when the Golden Eagles beat Davidson on a last-second layup by Vander Blue, advancing to Saturday's matchup with Butler.
"Wow," she says. "That was ... something."
Trent Lockett's decision to transfer from Arizona State to Marquette has been perhaps the most compelling off-the-court storyline driving this year's Golden Eagles team. Trent came to Marquette because he wanted to be closer to Judy after she was diagnosed with cancer.
"It was so hard for him to decide," she says. "It was the toughest decision of his life. But now, when I see how much more time I get with him, and how nice it is to be able to sit and be with him as opposed to just talking to him on the phone, it's just been wonderful."
Judy attended Marquette's Big East home games this season, along with few others. She even went to the Maui Invitational because her brother lives in Hawaii.
What does Trent's decision to be closer to home say about him? 
"He's just an amazing young man," she says. "He's just awesome. I don't know what to say. Gracious, humble, thoughtful, hardworking, competitive. And a great son."
And while the reasons for Trent's move were based primarily on his family, it has worked out pretty well for him, too. He was able to play right away because he already had earned his undergraduate degree from ASU -- he's working on a master's -- and has become a key cog for Buzz Williams. 
"He has loved being on the team," she says. "This is the first time, really, in his career that he's had that kind of close team bonding that Buzz has created with the team."
And Trent isn't the only athlete in the family. Judy also has traveled to see her daughter, Taylor, a freshman on the volleyball team at Duquesne. 
"I'm just so grateful for my children," she says.
So where did they get their athleticism?
"I like to say that I've got the genes for it, but I was pre-Title IX so there were no girls athletics," she says. "And I grew up on a farm, so we just didn't do that."
And their father played football at St. Cloud State. He passed away when Trent was three years old.
"People just leave unexpectedly," Judy says. "You need to pay attention to the people that are here."
Asked about her health, Judy Lockett says she feels "really good." 
"I'm kind of defying the odds on the cancer, so that's really good news," she says.
What does the future hold?
"I don't know," she says. "I know what they say. But I'm thinking I'm going to live another 30 years."
But getting too wrapped up in what might happen in the future isn't the lesson the Lockett family has learned.
"Savor every moment and value your relationships," she says. "And to be in the moment, instead of in the future."

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