Annual Fund

Blue & Gold Fund Goals

The primary goal of the Blue & Gold Fund is to fully fund all athletic scholarships at Marquette University.

B&G Online Auction

The year-round online auction features Marquette-specific items and all funds raised go directly to student-athlete scholarship support.

BGF Goals

Athletic scholarships are imperative to the success of our athletics program at Marquette University. When you contribute to the Blue & Gold Athletic Scholarship Fund, you are not only supporting our student-athletes in the classroom, but giving them a bright future as well.

Donors to the Blue & Gold Fund appreciate the value of athletics and recognize the importance of scholarship support for student-athletes. Since the inception in the mid-1990's, the Blue & Gold Fund has provided over $35 million in scholarship support to Marquette student-athletes. However, as the cost of higher education rises, the challenge of funding scholarships grows as well. Scholarship aid continues to be one of our top priorities.

Currently, Marquette funds the equivalence of over 99 full-tuition scholarships on an annual basis though revenues generated the annual giving and the proceeds from athletic endowed scholarships. The NCAA permits Marquette to offer the equivalent of 135 full athletic scholarships and we have not yet reached our potential to maximize our aid to our student-athletes.

During the 2013-14 academic year, more than 4,600 donors provided $4.3 million in support for student-athlete scholarships. Building off a record breaking year of the number of donors as well as dollars raised, the Blue & Gold Fund will look to generate $4.5 million in scholarship support from 4,800 donors during the 2014-15 academic year. We will also look to build our athletic endowment to $20 million. With the support from Blue & Gold Fund donors, we can reach our ultimate goal to fully fund the maximum number of NCAA permitted scholarships.

2014-15 Blue & Gold Fund Goals
1.Generate $4.5 million for the Blue & Gold Athletic Scholarship Fund
2.Increase the Blue and Gold Athletic Scholarship Fund donor base to 4,800
3.Build the athletic endowment to $20 million

The generosity of Blue & Gold Fund donors help to provide the foundation of success at Marquette for our student-athletes of today and those of tomorrow. Whether you are a long time member of the Blue & Gold Fund, or a prospective first time donor, your support is vital to our success and we thank you for your support.