Reseating/Priority Points

Blue & Gold Fund Goals

The primary goal of the Blue & Gold Fund is to fully fund all athletic scholarships at Marquette University.

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Participate here in the Blue & Gold Fund online auction, where all funds raised go directly to student-athlete scholarship support.

Reseating Info

Reseating gives season ticket holders the opportunity to improve seating based on the amount of priority points accumulated through donations and consecutive years of being a season ticket holder. The priority point system is intended to promote fairness, reward the loyalty of long-time supporters and encourage current contributors to give to Marquette. Reseating is conducted every year so that donors to the Blue & Gold Fund and to other university funds can have the best possible seating options. Many season ticket holders look at the Reseating period as the best opportunity to improve their seat location by increasing their annual donation to the Blue & Gold Fund.

Season ticket holders register their seating preferences based on priority point rank. All donations, including matching gifts that are permitted by the matching employer, made by April 30, 2017 will be included in priority point calculation for the 2017 Reseating. All season ticket holders will be given a specific appointment time at which they will be permitted to indicate their seating section and row preferences. Actual seats will be allocated by Marquette Athletics staff in order of priority point preference. Reseating will take place online at or in person at the Al McGuire Center.

More information about the 2017 Reseating will be available at a later date. If you have any additional questions regarding the reseating process, please contact the Blue & Gold Fund at (414) 288-3988 or