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What is the Fanatics Rewards Program?
The Fanatics Rewards Program is an incentive program designed to reward students for their support of Marquette Athletics. The Rewards Program gives students the opportunity to earn points and prizes throughout the year based upon attendance at home soccer, volleyball and basketball games, and select special events. The more events you attend, the more points you will earn, and the more prizes you can receive during the season.

Who Can Earn Rewards?
The "Ring Out Rewards" program is open to all full-time Marquette students. Students are automatically enrolled in the program, and all you need to do is bring your MUID with you to Marquette games. *Students working directly for or in conjunction with Marquette athletic events are not eligible for top rewards*

How Does It Work?
Every Soccer, Volleyball, and Women's Baketball game that you attend, you will earn points by swiping your MUID as you enter (Men's Basketball does not require swiping your ID since attendance is tracked by our ticketing system). All events will be worth 1 point each, unless otherwise stated. There may also be opportunities for special bonus point games and other additional events in which to earn points. Marquette Athletics will compile the data and update our results with the points earned for that game. The more games you attend, the more gifts you will eligible to receive.

How Do I get Rewards?
As you move up the point scale you will qualify for exciting new gifts. Rewards will be available during designated prize pick-up days.

Can I share my points?
No, each student must earn their own points.

Do my points carry over from year to year?
No, points are reset at the end of every athletic year.

How will I know how many points I have?
Updated point totals will be made available on the Fanatics Rewards page. Students can also inquire about point levels by emailing, or calling 414-288-GOMU.

How many points can I earn per day?
You can earn points at every Marquette Soccer, Volleyball, and Basketball games. However, if 2 events occur at the same time, you will only be able to earn fanatics points at one of those events.

How many points do I earn at each event?
Each qualifying event is worth 1 reward point unless otherwise noted. Check the upcoming events page and your email for notification of special bonus point games.

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