1st Annual Strength & Conditioning Coaches Clinic

Speakers from: Marquette, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Penn State, and Bowling Green State University

For more information contact Scott Holsopple, (414) 288-5785 or scott.holsopple@mu.edu

Marquette Basketball Strength & Conditioning Clinic
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 13, 2002
8:30 Registration
This is a complete basketball strength and conditioning clinic. All facets of training will be covered.


Scott Holsopple: Marquette University
Scott will be speaking about training with what you have (low budgets, time constraints, ext.), and how to set a program.

Tony Rolinski: Notre Dame University
Tony will talk about and demonstrate court agilities and conditioning for basketball.

Mike Vorkapich: Michigan State University
Mike is going to discuss in-season strength and conditioning.

Aaron Hillmann: Bowling Green State University
Aaron will explain his program that he has set up at his university.

Brad Pantall: Penn State University
Brad is going to demonstrate a workout based on effort and attitude.

Steve Condon: Marquette University
Steve is going to talk about considerations that must be looked at when dealing with basketball from an athletic trainers view.

Contact Information:
Scott Holsopple
1532 W. Clybourn Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 53201-1881



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