Athletes I Like

Athletes who scream, yell, bite, and scratch just to finish a set

Athletes who hang out around the weight room to motivate others to train harder

Athletes who give it all and then lay on the floor after a workout cringing in pain and thinking they could have trained harder

Athletes who eat and rest properly

Athletes who truly want to challenge their potential by training their weaknesses as much as their strengths

Athletes who take pride in themselves, their team, their coaches, and their university.

Athletes who don't ask to do extra because they've got nothing left

Athletes who are never late and always ready

Athletes who have no mercy for their partner's tears, only admiration

Athletes who get mad when they don't improve on an exercise

Athletes who get mad at their partner when they don't improve on an exercise

Athletes who coach their partners to do better

Athletes who demonstrate the resiliency to bounce back even stronger after a mistake

Athletes who love their strength and conditioning coaches even thought they've brought them closer to their pain threshold then they've ever been before

Athletes who listen, learn, and excel because of it

Athletes who go through Marquette's Strength program and sell out for us everyday


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