Performing Manual Resistance Exercises

When performing Manual resistance exercise the following guidelines should be used to perform each exercise.

1. Perform 12 repetitions or continue exercising for approximately 40 to 70 seconds.
2. Perform only one set per exercise.
3. Take four seconds for the lowering phase
4. Allow from one to two seconds to execute the raising phase of each exercise. This phase will include moving from the starting position and pausing in the contracted position momentarily.
5. Exercise 2-3 times a week while alternating days.
6. Change the order regularly.

The most important aspect of manual resistance is knowing the proper way to spot and to lift. Manual resistance is an alternative to the more conventional forms of resistance training programs. The resistance is provided by a training partner, or spotter, rather then a bar, machine, or free weight. Manual resistance is a style of strength training that can be incorporated into your regular workouts or in a situation where no equipment and/or facilities are available.

Here at Marquette we use Manual Resistance training extensively in all phases of our strength program. Whether as an exercise in our regular workout or as the only available training tool on the practice field.


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