Advantages of Manual Resistance Training

1. No equipment is required to perform the exercises. Since no equipment is needed these exercise can be performed at any time and any place. Our strength staff here at Marquette can administer the program on the playing field.

2. Large number of individuals can be trained at one time. We can train you on the practice or playing field at one time. You and a partner can team up and train each other. One person will exercise and the other will supply the work load.

3. The muscle can be worked maximally each rep. Maximum resistance can be obtained during the raising and lowering phase of each repetition. If the lifter can raise 100 pounds on the first rep, the spotter can supply 100 pounds of resistance. If the lifter can only lift five pound on the last rep, the spotter can accommodate the decreasing strength level. Why is this an advantage? It reduces the level of strength closer to the point zero. More of the muscle brought into play, which will cause a greater overload.

4. The speed of manual resistance can be controlled. The rate of resistance during the raising phase will be dictated by the amount of resistance applied by the spotter. The lifter's partner can decide the speed of exercise during the raising phase.


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