In-Season Overview

Any strength that is gain during the off-season will be quickly lost during the playing season if training is stopped all together. However, in order for the body to recover from the rigors of practice and games, strength training must be cut back. One or two strength training workouts per week will surely maintain strength if intensity is sufficient. Some individuals who are not playing during games can add a third strength training session during the week. The first training session of the week can be completed one or two days after competition. This should be a full body workout, do not neglect training the lower body just cut back the number of sets and exercises performed. A second training session consisting of upper body only exercises can be done later in the week, providing there is at least 48 hours to rest from lifting before the game.

Goals of In-season Strength Training
*Maintain at least 90% of current strength levels throughout the season.
*Maintain mental edge over competition
*Minimize injuries and accelerate injury rehab
*Maintain lean body mass and body weight
*Familiarize newcomers to strength training techniques and principles


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