In-Season Guidelines

Lift twice per week, one-day total body one-day upper body only. Those who do not play in games can lift a third day, which could include lower body strength training exercises.

8-10 total exercises on total body training days. Choose 2-3 lower body exercises, 4-6 upper body exercises, and 1 exercise each for the neck, upper arms and midsection. Limit the intensity of lower body training to not induce muscle soreness or hinder recovery between practices and games. Keep workouts short (20-45 minutes).

Perform strength training on days off of practice or in the morning before practice. If necessary perform strength training after practice instead of right before it.

Choose exercises that do not over stress the joints. Alternatives can be used for variety during in-season training. Have an alternate plan for injuries to hands, fingers and wrist. Machines or manual resistance exercises can be utilized during this time of the year. Change the workout every 3-4 weeks to provide even more variety.

Make the workout fun
Strength training should take the drudgery out of the weekly practice schedule, not add to it.

Make athletes accountable for their strength training. Coaches must stress the need for in-season strength training and provide allotted time for athletes to do it. Weekly checks of body weight and periodic review of workout cards will help coaches stay abreast of each athlete's progress.


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