Manual Resistance Shoulder Press

Muscles Used Primary: deltoids. Secondary: pectoralis group, triceps.
Starting Position While sitting down the lifter has his/her arms extended with both palms facing upward.
Description With the arms extended, lower the arms, making sure to keep the hands slightly behind the head. Lowering the elbows all the way down to the rib cage. Then return the arms to the extended position.
Spotting the spotter stands behind the lifter with legs up against the lifter's back. To apply resistance, place palms on the palms of the lifter while interlocking thumbs. The heel of both the lifter's and spotter's hands should be against one another.
Points To Emphasize 1. Lifter should keep his/her back flat up against the spotter's legs without arching the back.
2. Instead of performing the exercise with palms on palms, the lifter may desire to make a fist.


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