Pull Ups

Muscles Used Latissimus Dorsi, Biceps, Posterior Deltoid
Movement Classification Pull
Modality Choices Body weight, Dumbbell, Machine, Manual Resistance, Plate
Starting Position Grasp a chin bar either under or overhand. Make sure when hanging, the feet don't touch the floor.
Description Keeping legs straight and together, pull your chest up to the bar by bending the arms and bringing chin over the bar. Pause momentarily and then recover to the starting postion.
Spotting Be prepared to assist by placing the hands on their back and push upward.
Points To Emphasize 1. Keep shoulders relaxed.
2. Don't rock your body to assist you in moving up and down.
3. Don't arch your back or round forward.
4. To add more weight, hold a dumbbell between the feet or use a belt with a chain and attach a plate to it.


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