External Rotation (Right and Left)

Muscles Used Infraspinatus, Teres Minor
Movement Classification Push
Modality Choices Dumbbell, Plate, Manual Resistance, Surgical Tubing, Elastic Cord
Starting Position a) Lay downon either right or left side with knees slightly bent. Hold dumbbell in the opposite hand of the side you are laying on and bend arm so that the forearm and upper arm are at 90 degrees. The palm should be facing the body.
b) For surgical tubing stand with the cord on the opposite side of the arm you are exercising, keep elbow close to the side, and keep arm at a 90 degree angle, with palm facing the body.
Description Keeping a 90 degree angle at the elbow, bring arm outward as far as possible. Pause momentarily and then recover to the starting position.
Spotting Be prepared to assist at the wrists or weights.
Points To Emphasize 1. Performing the exercise on a flat bench can increase the range of motion.


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