Muscles Used Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Intermedialis, Vastus Medialis, Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus
Movement Classification Push
Modality Choices Barbell, Dumbbell, Plate
Starting Position Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart and holding weights at side.
Description Take a step forward with the right foot, pause and lower the torso by bending your knees until the right thigh is parallel to the floor. Push up with the right heel and bring the left foot in. Repeat with the left foot.
Spotting Be prepared to assist from behind, underneath the arms.
Points To Emphasize 1. Keep the head up and back flat through the whole movement.
2. Do not lean forward.
3. Keep the knee in straight line with the ankle, don't let the knee go over the toes.


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