Men's Soccer Summer Workouts Phase One

*There is only one Phase I workout. You will do the same workout Mon, Wed, & Fri for six weeks. **You should keep a good pace through this workout. Try to keep rest between sets less than one minute.


1. Squat/Leg Press 20 Reps
You will get 20 repetitions in a row on either the squat or leg press exercise. Be sure to pick a challenging weight. If you do a couple of reps and realize that the weight is too light, rack it and add weight. The set of 20 should be very challenging. Be sure to keep perfect form on the squat. Do controlled reps on the leg press. Add 5 lbs. each time you do this workout.

2. Leg Extension 12 Reps
Do both legs at the same time. Do smooth, controlled reps pausing at the top for a full second. Do not "throw" the weight up from the bottom using momentum. You will aim to do 12 perfect reps. Add 5 lbs. for the next workout if you get 12.

3. Hip Flexion 12 Reps
Can be done manually or on a machine. If done manually, be sure to teach your partner how to be a good spotter. If done on a machine consult the pictures in the exercise index on the strength and conditioning home page. You will do 12 reps of hip flexion.

4. DL Leg Curl 12 Reps
DL stands for double leg. We will now do both legs at the same time on leg curl. Obviously, the weight used will be somewhere around double what you are used to. Be sure to pause in the contracted (top) position before returning slowly to the starting point. You will do 12 reps of leg curl.

5. Calf Raise 30 Reps
You can use a variety of modalities for calf raises. Either DB's or one of the varieties of machines. Just be sure to do 30 with each leg. Do them slow, pausing at the top each time. It's not a race!

6. Inner Thigh 12 Reps
Like hip flexion these can also be done manually or on a hip machine. Consult the exercise index for help with the machine. As with any manual exercise, be sure you have a competent spotter before doing this exercise. Don't just tell them how to do it, show them. Spot them on a set first so they know how it's supposed to feel.

7. Back Extension 15 Reps
This exercise should be done with your arms crossed against your chest. Do slow, controlled movements through a full range-of-motion. You should pause at the top of each rep. Progress to holding a weight while you do these. You will do 15 reps.

8. Pause Crunches 150 Reps
Do these with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. You should have your arms crossed on your chest. You will crunch up until your shoulder blades are slightly off the floor. In this position you will squeeze your abs tight and pause for a full second before returning to the starting position. The slower the reps, the more work you will get for your abs. You will do 150 pause crunches.

9. Shrugs 15 Reps
You can use either a barbell or a pair of dumbbells for this exercise. You will shrug your shoulders straight up and as high as possible. Do not roll them forward or backward. Pause at the top before returning to the bottom. You will do 15 repetitions.

10. Upright Row 12 Reps
You can use a variety of modalities for upright row: bar, chain, manual, etc. You sure to do solid reps, keeping your hands in tight to your body and pulling your hands high to your chin. Be sure to control the weight on the way down to avoid straining your back.

11. Bench Press 12 Reps
Pick a weight you know you can get 12 reps with. Focus on doing perfect reps, i.e. not bouncing the bar, keeping your butt on the bench, etc. Add 5 lbs. for the next workout each time you get your 12 reps.

12. Push-Ups 25+ Reps
Immediately after you have completed your set of bench press, roll onto the floor and do as many push-ups as you can. You must get at least 25. Take as many sets as needed to get to 25 reps. If you're capable of doing 50 reps don't stop at 25, keep going!

13. Row 12 Reps
You can use DB's or any variation of machine for row, preferably a machine. Be sure to exercise through a full range-of-motion on this exercise (fists to chest at the top, arms fully extended at the bottom). Pause at the top on each rep. You will do 12 reps with a challenging weight. Add 5 lbs. for the next workout each time you get 12.

14. Side Raise 12 Reps
These can be performed manually, with dumbbells or on a lateral raise machine. When done manually or with dumbbells, be sure to keep your arms straight and your palms down. Regardless of the apparatus, always pause at the top of the movement. Start at the bottom with the dumbbells at your sides, not in front of you. This will minimize momentum used on the exercise. Do 12 reps. Add weight in smaller increments of side raises if possible.

15. Shoulder Press 12 Reps
This exercise can be done with dumbbells or on a machine. Be sure to have a competent spotter when using dumbbells. When you can get 12 reps, add 2.5 - 5 lbs. for the next workout.

16. Chin-Ups 12+ Reps
Chin-ups will be done with an underhand grip (palms facing you). Be sure to go all the way up (chin above the bar) pausing at the top for a full second, and come all the way down until your arms are fully extended. Do as many reps as you can. If you cannot get 12 reps you must do negatives until you get to 12 (7 chin-ups would mean 5 negatives). Negatives are done by climbing to the top of the movement (chin above the bar) and lowering yourself in 10 seconds. Each time you lower yourself in 10 seconds, count it as one negative. Try to get one more chin-up each time you do this workout.

17. Dips 12+ Reps
Do as many dips as you can. See exercise index if you don't know how to do dips. If you can't get at least 12 dips you must do negatives. Negatives are done by climbing to the top of the rep and lowering yourself in 10 seconds. Try to do one more dip each time you do this workout.

18 & 19. Bicep/Tricep 12 Reps
Do a set of 12 for each muscle group. There are a variety of exercises that you can do. Have fun with it.

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