Men's Soccer Freshmen Summer Workouts Phase One

Basic Workout complete this same workout for 2 weeks on non consecutive days.

1. Manual Neck Flexion/Extension 12 REPS
Flexion: Lie on a bench on your back. Cross your arms over your stomach and hang over the end of the bench. The spotter will place one hand on your forehead and on your chin. On every rep, your chin will come up almost touching your chest. On every negative phase, you will extend your head getting a good stretch.

Extension: Lie on a flat bench on your stomach. Put your arms behind your back and hang your head over the bench. You will put your chin to your chest and your spotter's hands go on the back of your head. Raise your head against resistance until you can almost look straight ahead. Pause at the top pushing against your spotter's hands. Tuck your chin as your spotter pushes you back down, chin to chest.

2. Shrugs 12 REPS
You can use DB's; Barbell, Nautilus or whatever tools you have available. Shrug your shoulders straight up and try to pinch your ears. Lower the weight slowly. Dot not roll your shoulders. When you can no longer do a perfect rep, reduce the weight by 20% and continue to failure.

3. Upright Rows 12 REPS
Once again use whatever tool is available- barbell, manual resistance, straps, weights, etc. Raise the weight to your chin. You should lead up with your elbows. Pause the weight on your chin then lower it slowly getting a good stretch on the bottom. Have your spotter assist you with additional reps once you reach failure.


4. Leg Press/Squat 20 REPS
You should have the seat set so you can achieve the greatest range of movement without discomfort. You should be using the heaviest weight possible trying to reach 20 reps. The last 3 or 4 should almost seem impossible. When you fail, your spotter should force you through 2 more reps lowering the weight as slow as possible. You will pause at the top of each movement. The weight should only lightly touch at the bottom of every rep. If you are doing barbell squats, do a light warm-up set. You will be shooting for 20 reps on a heavy set. When fatigue sets in and form starts to change, rack the weight and finish off with super slow manual squats. 10 seconds down - 10 seconds up.

5. Leg Extension 12 REPS
Be very strict with these reps. Pause at the top of each rep then lower the weight slowly. Keep constant tension on the muscles. When you can no longer perform a rep on your own, have your spotter assist you until you can no longer control the weight in the negative phase.

6. Mr Hip Flexion 12 REPS
Immediately following leg extension lay down on your back on a flat bench. Your spotter will place his hands on one of your knees. Pull your knee to your chest as high as possible then resist your spotter back to the starting position. After 12 reps you will switch to the other leg and repeat.

7. Leg Curl 12 REPS
Quickly begin leg curls. The reps should be done in the same manner as the extension. Have your spotter assist you once again. Remember to have your spotter force some reps out of you after you have reached failure.

8. Calf Raises 30 REPS
You can use a calf raise machine or a leg press. Place the balls of your feet on the apparatus. Raise your heels until you are on your toes. Lower your heels and get a good stretch. Keep your knees locked and straight. When you are no longer able to move your heels you are done.

9. Adduction/Abduction (Groin./Lateral Hip) 15 REPS
If you have a Nautilus Add/Abd. Machine available, use it. If not, do these exercises manually. Both exercises should be done with very slow controlled movements. When you achieve 15 reps with both exercises add 5 lbs.

10. Hyperextensions (Lowback Extensions) 20 REPS
If you have a lowback machine use it. If not use a glute/ham machine. Again, the reps will be slow and controlled. Once you reach 20 reps, increase the weight 10 lbs. If this exercise is not available, ask me for other lowback suggestions.

11. Crunches 100 REPS


12. Flat Bench Or Incline Bench 12 REPS
Do whichever exercise you prefer. Use a weight that you will fail with between 8-12 reps. Do a slow controlled movement. Don't bounce the bar off your chest. When you reach failure your spotter will help you do forced reps until you can no longer move. A slow controlled lowering of the weight will follow each forced rep. Once you can no longer move, fall of the bench and do strict push-ups until you really can't move.

13. Flys 12 REPS
You may use whatever tool is available. Each rep should be done strictly - pausing for a second in the contracted position and lowering the weight smoothly.

14. Row 12 REPS
Use a machine or dumbbells for this exercise. Get a good squeeze and contraction at the top of each rep.

15. Lateral Raise (Side Raise) 12 REPS
You can use DB's, machine, or manual resistance for this exercise. On each rep raise the arms slightly above horizontal and pause. Lower the weight slowly keeping constant tension on the muscles. Do not ease up at the bottom. If DB's are used, keep the palms facing down.

16. Shoulder Press 12 REPS
You will immediately start this exercise using whatever tool is available. Have it ready. This exercise, if done correctly, will finish off the deltoids for the day. Each rep will be a slow controlled movement, again keeping constant tension on the muscles.

17. Body Weight Chins/Dips 12 REPS
When you can do 12 perfect reps get a belt and add weight.

18. External Rotation 15 REPS
If you have a rotator cuff machine use it. You will do 15 perfect reps. The reps for this exercise are done in a very slow controlled fashion. If you don't have a machine do these manually - check you manual for this exercise description.

19. Biceps/Triceps 20 REPS
Curls should be done with a thick bar if you have one available. If not use a straight bar or dumbbells. This should be done strictly - no swinging of the bar - no arching of the back. When you fail, have a spotter help you with negatives until you can't hold the bar.

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