Cross Country Strength Training


1) All workouts are a guide. The facilities available to you may require you to choose an alternate exercise. If you have no access to workout equipment, send me an e-mail and I will send you a body weight workout requiring no equipment.

2) There are 3 workouts. Each is labeled for which weeks the workout is to be completed. Move on to the next workout card when the dates from the last one have passed. Carry your weights over to the next card (for ex. If you used 15 lb on side raises, use 15 lb and not 10 lb on front raises).

3) The rep ranges are chosen for a reason. Try to stay with the goal numbers and continue to adjust the weights you use so that you will be challenged to get the goal number.

4) Keep the weights challenging. Choose a weight that pushes you to get the goal number or rep range and increase the weight again when you can get the goal number.

5) Develop a schedule that includes your weight lifting workouts and commit to it for the summer.

6) If you progress yourself through these workouts during the summer, you will have no trouble adjusting to lifting in the fall.

7) Take note of the exercise descriptions at the bottom of the workout card and contact me if you have any questions about an exercise.

8) Keep it safe. Use spotters. Ask if you are not sure about something. Stretch. Work hard. Have fun!!

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