92 MU Student-Athletes Earn C-USA Commissioner's Honor Roll

June 27, 2002

CHICAGO -- Ninety-two Marquette student-athletes have earned recognition to the Commissioner's Honor Roll during the 2001-02 academic year. MU's total is part of a conference record 1,677 student-athletes earning the honor.

Student-athletes named to the Commissioner's Honor Roll maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better and participate in a conference-sponsored sport. The most by any one group of MU student-athletes was 38 track and field/ cross country participants who have a cumulative 3.0 or better. Four of the five men's golf team and 20 women's soccer team members -- over two-thirds of the team -- have cumulative GPAs of 3.0 or better. Of the other members on the list, nine are men's soccer players, seven are from volleyball, six are from women's basketball, four come from women's tennis, three play men's tennis and one is from men's basketball.

Student-athletes with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or above also receive the Commissioner's Academic Medal. Those winners will be released on Friday.

The following is a complete list of Marquette's Commissioner's Honor Roll award winners.

Elizabeth Abramovich          Track & Cross Country
Katie Alsdurf                 Women's Basketball
Susan Barth                   Track & Cross Country
Tiffany Bilderback            Women's Track
Katie Bissen                  Women's Soccer
Ben Bocher                    Track & Cross Country
Genvieve Charron              Women's Tennis
Jonathan Chenier              Track & Cross Country
Justin Christensen            Men's Golf
Nathan Colson                 Men's Golf
Katie Cook                    Women's Soccer
Laura Culhane                 Women's Soccer
Anne Faas                     Track & Cross Country
Brianna Dahm                  Track & Cross Country
Matt Darby                    Men's Soccer
Kent Davies                   Men's Tennis
Lucky Denenga                 Women's Track
Missy Detzner                 Women's Track
Diana Detrie                  Women's Soccer
Meghan Devine                 Women's Volleyball
Amanda Devraj                 Women's Tennis
David Diggs                   Men's Basketball
Andrea Engelmann              Women's Track
Jaime Erickson                Women's Soccer
Michael Everson               Men's Golf
Sandy Fondow                  Track & Cross Country
Anna Frisk                    Women's Soccer
Jason Gaare                   Men's Golf
Veronica Garcia-Briseno       Women's Tennis
Jeffrey Gerlesits             Men's Soccer
Kate Gordon                   Women's Soccer
Vesna Grbavac                 Women's Volleyball
Gemma Greer                   Women's Volleyball
Danielle Hagen                Women's Volleyball
Kristin Halley                Women's Soccer
Bethany Harry                 Track & Cross Country
Erica Heisser                 Women's Volleyball
Joe Herington                 Track & Cross Country
Amy Hnatow                    Women's Soccer
Anne Ioder                    Women's Soccer
Kristen Jensen                Women's Soccer
Kristi Johnson                Women's Basketball
Kyrk Jordan                   Track & Cross Country
Rachel Kirvan                 Track & Cross Country
Carolyn Klopp                 Women's Soccer
Ashleigh Koenig               Women's Soccer
Marek Krawczyk                Men's Track
Luke Kunze                    Track & Cross Country
David Lance                   Track & Cross Country
Crystal Larson                Women's Track
Leslie Lawton                 Track & Cross Country
Christina Ledonne             Women's Track
Emily Leklem                  Women's Track
Amy Levin                     Women's Volleyball
Creighton Macy                Men's Tennis
Jodi Marsh                    Women's Track
Charles Mashozhera            Men's Track
Erin Maysent                  Women's Soccer
Ryan McAbee                   Men's Track
Zach McCallum                 Men's Soccer
Sarah McCullough              Track & Cross Country
Katie Michuda                 Women's Soccer
Jeffrey Moniz                 Track & Cross Country
Theran Motl                   Men's Soccer
Matthew Mueller               Men's Tennis
Danny Mullin                  Men's Soccer
Ryan Murphy                   Men's Track
Nick Newton                   Men's Track
Tom Nolan                     Men's Soccer
Megan Plante                  Track & Cross Country
Jennifer Pribyl               Women's Track
Jessica Ratcliffe             Women's Soccer
Kiley Reese                   Track & Cross Country
Sean Reti                     Men's Soccer
Kelly Schwerman               Women's Basketball
Ryan Seebruck                 Men's Track
Kristin Seffern               Women's Basketball
Lindsay Smale                 Women's Soccer
Alexandra Stankovic           Women's Tennis
Amy Stephens                  Track & Cross Country
Becky Stieber                 Women's Basketball
Amanda Sucharda               Track & Cross Country
Jacqueline Swan               Track & Cross Country
Adam Ubert                    Men's Soccer
Sarah Vernon                  Women's Volleyball
Jill Vendetti                 Women's Soccer
Andrew Wagner                 Men's Soccer
Claire Weber                  Women's Soccer
Stephanie Welch               Women's Soccer
Julianna Wesolowski           Women's Track
Sarah Zawodny                 Women's Basketball
Brandon Zingsheim             Track & Cross Country


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