Marquette University Golden Eagles Expand Ticketing Agreement with Ticketmaster

Nov. 8, 2007

The Marquette University Golden Eagles has expanded its ticketing agreement with Ticketmaster to enable fans to purchase and resell event tickets through TicketExchange, the new University-authorized online resale service. The service is available to Golden Eagles men’s basketball season ticket holders, five-game plan holders, as well as single game ticket holders that purchase through Ticketmaster. Fans finding that they are unable to use their tickets may post their tickets online via TicketExchange for sale to other fans.

Here’s how it works: Season ticket holders and five-game plan holders may post their tickets to TicketExchange through their online “My Marquette” account, and single game ticket holders may post their tickets through the TicketExchange section within

Golden Eagles fans may visit TicketExchange to search and purchase tickets offered by season, five-game and single game ticket holders for Golden Eagles games that might be sold out, to obtain what they may deem to be a more favorable seat location, or to obtain a ticket located in a specific seating section that might not otherwise be available.

Fans interested in purchasing tickets through the Golden Eagles’ new TicketExchange service may do so in three easy steps: 1) Visit and locate the event they wish to attend; 2) Click the “Buy from Fans” tab to review available tickets; then 3) Simply purchase and print. The TicketExchange transaction is entirely automated and processed by Ticketmaster, the recognized and trusted brand for event ticketing. Fans who purchase tickets through TicketExchange receive a brand new ticket with a new unique barcode identifying the buyer as the owner of that ticket. Fans who purchase tickets through Ticketmaster by phone or online or through TicketExchange may select to have their tickets delivered electronically via TicketFast®, Ticketmaster’s online ticket delivery service.

“We want to ensure that Golden Eagles fans have the best possible event experience and this includes providing them with an authorized site to buy and resell tickets and avoid potentially fraudulent resellers,” said Steve Cottingham, Interim Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Marquette University. “We know that with Ticketmaster, we are receiving the very best ticketing technology and the very best team of professionals to help us better serve our patrons.”

“Marquette University is fully committed to their teams and fans, as demonstrated by their decision to offer TicketExchange,” said Jane Wehrley, VP and Sr General Manager, Ticketmaster Milwaukee. “We’ll continue to work closely with Marquette to ensure that every aspect of their expanded ticketing business provides added value and the best possible scope of services for fans attending Golden Eagles games.”

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