Pep Band Looking For Help At Games Over Christmas Break

Dec. 4, 2009

Milwaukee -

During the upcoming holiday season, we would like to offer your students the opportunity to visit Marquette and play as a guest at one or several basketball games as a part of our Pep Bands.

This is a great opportunity for your students, and assists our program as well by helping to staff our bands during the holiday travel season, when many of our students have family commitments, or may have to travel long distances to return to campus. We would welcome your students’ participation at any of the games listed below:

  • Dec. 19- Men’s Basketball vs. North Florida at 1 pm
  • Dec. 21- Women’s Basketball vs. Canisius at 7 pm
  • Dec. 27- Men’s Basketball vs. Presbyterian at 1 pm
  • Jan. 2- Men’s Basketball vs. Villanova at 2:30 pm
  • Jan. 2- Women’s Basketball vs. Pittsburgh at 7 pm
  • Jan. 6- Men’s Basketball vs. Georgetown at 8 pm
  • Jan. 10- Women’s Basketball vs. Seton Hall at 2 pm
  • Jan. 13- Women’s Basketball vs. Connecticut at 7 pm
  • Jan. 17- Men’s Basketball vs. Providence at 4 pm

Your student’s involvement will allow them a chance to explore Marquette’s campus, participate in collegiate music, and give them prime seats for Big East basketball in either the Bradley Center or the Al McGuire Center. Please encourage your students to attend one or several of these games.

Students who are interested should email our student director for the pep bands, Dan Harder, at

We ask that participating students arrive at the Varsity Theater on Marquette’s campus ninety minutes before the game begins. Students should bring their instrument or drumsticks if a percussionist. Marquette will supply them a rugby shirt to be worn at the game, and transportation will be provided as well. Parents can pick up their students after the game back at the Varsity Theatre.



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