Marquette Releases 'The Smartest Marquette Fan' Online Game for Golden Eagle Nation

Dec. 13, 2011

The Marquette University Athletic Department announces the release of "The Smartest Marquette Fan," a free, fun, and fast paced online game that will test fans of Marquette athletics on their knowledge of Golden Eagle sports. The Smartest Marquette Fan presents fans with an entertaining and challenging collection of Marquette sports knowledge content.

Smartest Marquette Fan
The Smartest Marquette Fan is a game designed specifically to ask a series a questions about Marquette sports. When answered correctly, each player adds to their point total and rank, earning "bragging rights" and Leaderboard positions. Each player competes to be the daily, monthly, or all-time Leader, while having the opportunity to message other players, participate on the "Player Talk" message boards, and submit questions. Players can also interact with other Golden Eagle fans by forming teams for competition in addition to individual play. At the end of each game, each player can review the correct answer, and over time, players gain a deeper knowledge of Marquette athletics and accomplishments.

Marquette Fans are recognized for their accuracy and speed by moving up "levels" and earning "badges," with opportunities to excel in a number of categories and sports. If desired, each player will receive a daily email that links them directly to the "PLAY NOW" portion of the game, which allows players to support Marquette Athletics as part of their everyday experience.

The game can be accessed on the web at:


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