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Nate Heyrman

Assistant Director of Sports Performance

Sixth Year

Nate Heyrman

Nathan Heyrman is in his sixth year as Assistant Director of Sports Performance at Marquette. Heyrman designs, implements, and supervises year round periodized strength, speed, and conditioning programs for Marquette men's lacrosse, women's basketball, women's volleyball, men's golf and men's & women's cross country.

Prior to arriving at Marquette, Heyrman competed as a thrower for the Colorado State University track and field team. He also earned his bachelor's degree in health and exercise science from Colorado State University in 2007.

Heyrman and the former Kristin Bowers were married in December of 2009. Kristin is currently working towards her doctor of physical therapy at Marquette.The couple, along with their cat, resides in Milwaukee.

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