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Q&A with John Bennett - Olympic Long Jumper
Aug. 18 - John Bennett, a silver medalist in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in the long jump, won two NCAA National Championships in the event while at Marquette in the 1950's. Following his graduation from Marquette, the Grand Forks, N.D., native was drafted into the U.S. Army and continued to hone his skills on the track. After tying Greg Bell in the U.S. Olympic Trials for first place in the long jump, Bennett traveled to the Southern Hemisphere looking to break Jesse Owens' twenty year old world record. (Read Story)

Ralph Metcalfe - World's Fastest Man
Aug. 15 - The names Marquette and Olympic sprinter Ralph Metcalfe were once as synonymous as Marquette is today with NBA star and 2008 Olympian Dwyane Wade. That was the 1930s, when the name "Marquette" struck fear in world-class sprinters across the globe. Former MU sprinter "Rabbit" Ralph Metcalfe was the foremost U.S. sprinter in the early half of the 1930s, holding the title of "World's Fastest Human" for much of that time. (Read Story)

Olympic Weightlifting with Rudy Thomas
Aug. 13 - It's Olympic time again and there is one competition that is of unique significance to the strength and conditioning staff at Marquette and that is the weightlifting competition ... we use variations of those "Olympic lifts" in our everyday strength training. The Olympic lifts, or variations thereof, are a very important part of the philosophy that is used in preparing the Marquette University student-athletes. (Read Story)

Marquette Men's Basketball in the Summer Olympics
Aug. 11 - Marquette men's basketball has produced three athletes who have gone on to compete in the Olympic games spanning back over a half-century. Frank McCabe won a gold medal with the United States' 1952 entry, Naismith Award winner Butch Lee competed in the 1976 Olympics and Dwyane Wade is currently helping the perhaps properly-labeled "Redeem Team" in their attempt to bring back the gold medal for the U.S. (Read Story)

Monumental Moments: The Marquette Summer Olympics Story
Aug. 8 - On the 100th anniversary of John Brennan's participation in the 1908 Olympic Games in London, former Golden Eagle Dwyane Wade is making the trip with the U.S. men's basketball team to Beijing for the XXIX Olympiad. (Read Story)

Marquette and the Olympics: 1908-2008
Aug. 6 - This Friday's Opening Ceremony will recognize the official start of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. While millions around the world will be watching the competition and excitement in Beijing, will provide visitors with a variety of context through a special series commemorating the 2008 event and Marquette's tradition-filled history at the Summer Olympics. (Read Story)

Summer Olympics Series Schedule
Aug. 8 - Monumental Moments: The Marquette Olympic Story
Aug. 11 - Marquette Men's Basketball In The Summer Olympics
Aug. 13 - Olympic Weightlifting with Rudy Thomas
Aug. 15 - World's Fastest Man: The Ralph Metcalfe Story
Aug. 18 - Q&A With John Bennett: Marquette's Olympic Long Jumper
Aug. 20: Lauren Thomas-Johnson: An Athlete Ambassador's Journal
Aug. 22: Olympic Volleyball: A Collection of Personal Experiences with Pati Rolf


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