We develop men and women through athletics to positively impact the world.



As a valued representative of Marquette University, we will be a community of men and women who, through our unique culture of care and love for each other, are known for academic success, championship performances, leadership in athletics, and service to others.


In keeping with Marquette University's Catholic, Jesuit Mission and our commitment to the holistic development of the student-athletes we serve, the following values will guide us in our pursuit of excellence in all that we do.

STUDENT-ATHLETE ACADEMIC SUCCESS/WELL-BEING: We are committed to ensuring the health, safety, and holistic development of all Marquette student-athletes.

INTEGRITY and ETHICAL CONDUCT: We are committed to operating responsibly with high character and sportsmanship at all times.

RESPECT: We are committed to treating all people with dignity and kindness while embracing the principles of equity and inclusion.

STEWARDSHIP: We are committed to being trustworthy caretakers of Marquette's Jesuit heritage, its values, reputation, and resources as well as those of the people that we serve.

ENGAGEMENT: We are committed to developing and maintaining impactful, sustainable relationships with our constituencies and communities through service, partnerships, and collaboration.

CHAMPIONSHIP CULTURE: We are committed to being bold, innovative, and relentless in our pursuit of excellence through athletics.



STUDENT-ATHLETE WELL-BEING: We will provide resources and programming that ensure the health and safety of our student-athletes while developing them to their fullest capacity.

  1. Prepare student-athletes for success by providing championship-level support services that cultivate the mind, body, and heart.
  2. Provide student-athletes co-curricular educational opportunities and programming to support development of the whole person.
  3. Create an environment that allows student-athletes to thrive.


FACILITIES: We will operate facilities that provide our programs an advantage in recruitment and competition, enhance student-athlete development, and create a positive fan experience.

  1. Deliver a transformational experience for student-athletes through the Athletic Performance Research Center (ARPC).
  2. Re-imagine and maintain the Al McGuire Center and Valley Fields to support championship-level competitive success and deliver game-day experiences that are exciting and memorable.
  3. Align future facility renovation and development with strategic goals of Athletics and the University.


COMPETITIVE SUCCESS/CHAMPIONSHIPS: We will provide resources and create the environment necessary to attract, retain and develop championship people and operate programs which compete at the highest level measured by BIG EAST Championships, NCAA Tournament appearances and national rankings.

  1. Create a recruiting-centric culture within Athletics that will attract championship-level student-athletes.
  2. Recruit, develop and retain coaches and staff that embody a commitment to excellence with integrity.
  3. Grow championship-level competitors through peak performance training.
  4. Leverage marketing and communications to support student-athlete recruitment, enhance fan engagement and drive attendance.


ASSET MANAGEMENT and RESOURCE GENERATION: We will provide the resources necessary for our staff and coaches to create a championship experience for our student-athletes while always operating in a fiscally-responsible manner.

  1. Increase self-generated revenue over the life of the plan by 10%.
  2. Establish reserve funds for each sport that enhance operating budgets by 5-10% annually.
  3. Position Athletics appropriately in the next University Capital Campaign to achieve long-term capital goals.
  4. Build a culture of financial literacy and responsibility within athletics.


COMMUNICATION: We will effectively communicate, internally and externally, our goals, vision, and accomplishments as a department, while utilizing the most impactful and valuable methods and technology.

  1. Improve frequency and effectiveness of communication within Athletics by utilizing best practices and new technology.
  2. Message our vision, accomplishments, and opportunities with external constituents.


CULTURE and COMMUNITY: We will steward a championship culture of integrity and inclusion in the outreach to our students, faculty, alumni, and the greater community

  1. Distinguish athletics as community that embraces teamwork and displays a winning attitude by making collaboration, respect, and transparency the foundation of our relationships.
  2. Cultivate a sense of pride and camaraderie amongst student-athletes, coaches, and staff.
  3. Strengthen our engagement efforts with all members of the Marquette Community.
  4. Foster a culture in athletics defined by diversity, inclusion, and integrity.


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