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Career Services for Student Athletes
To prepare student-athletes for the challenges of the job market upon completion of their college career, Marquette University and the Athletics Department have established programs to aid student-athletes with employment during the school year, the summer, and after graduation.

Summer Jobs Program
The Athletics Department has developed a summer jobs program aimed at improving the ability of the university community to assist student-athletes in securing summer employment and to ensure that the employment complies with applicable NCAA legislation. Priority is placed on matching student-athletes' employment needs with appropriate jobs and on providing employment to those student-athletes who, because of their financial status, need it the most.

Requirements are as Follows
1. The Office of Academic Support & Student Programs coordinates the summer jobs program in conjunction with the Associate Athletics Director for Compliance and the Blue and Gold Fund.

2. The Associate Athletics Director for Compliance will prepare and distribute a memorandum to coaches and administrators explaining the conditions and procedures of the Summer Jobs Program.

3. All student-athlete employment initiated or arranged, directly or indirectly, by coaches, athletic representatives, or administrators must be approved by the Associate Athletics Director for Compliance.

4. No student-athlete will be provided a job until the university has on file a completed employer participation agreement form and until the Associate Athletics Director for Compliance is satisfied that the employment conforms to applicable NCAA legislation.



5. Student-athletes employed through the Summer Jobs Program must be paid by check at the same rate as other employees performing similar work in the same locale.

6. Employers are required to maintain accurate time and other payroll records and to monitor the job of student-athlete.

7. Student-athletes are required to report immediately the offer or receipt of any benefits not regularly available to other employees performing similar work (e.g., cash advances, loans) to the Associate Athletics Director for Compliance.

Post-Graduation Career Opportunities
The Career Services Center is the student's primary on-campus source for locating a post-graduation job. The Career Services Center assists students and graduates in achieving a smooth transition from education to their life's work. This includes assistance in applying to graduate and professional schools. For more information, please see a representative of the Career Services Center located in Holthusen Hall.

In addition, staff at the Eagles Nest will assist student-athletes with career concerns, with special emphasis on utilization of the athletic experience in job-seeking efforts.


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