Guidelines for Boosters Regarding Enrolled Student-Athletes

Basic Rules About Enrolled Student-Athletes

What Is An Extra Benefit?
NCAA legislation expressly prohibits Marquette supporters from providing "extra benefits" to enrolled student-athlete's. An extra benefit is any special arrangement to provide a student-athlete, his/her family, relatives, legal guardians, and friends a benefit not authorized by NCAA legislation. In general, you may not provide anything or make special arrangements for student-athlete's that are not available to the general student population.

If you are unsure whether any particular item or activity constitutes a prohibited "extra benefit," please contact the compliance department.

Examples of "extra benefits" include, but are not limited to:

• Providing cash or loans in any amount, or signing or co-signing for a loan or guarantee of bond.

• The use of an automobile or other personal property.

• Gifts of any kind, including birthday cards, flowers, holiday gifts, and gifts of clothing or equipment.

• Providing loans to student-athlete's friends or relatives.

• Any tangible items, including merchandise.

• Free or reduced-cost services, rentals, or purchases of any type.

• Free or reduced-cost housing.

• Gift of cash or like items.

• Providing special discounts for goods and services.

• Purchasing complimentary admissions from a student-athlete.

• Providing an honorarium to a student-athlete for a speaking engagement.

• Providing typing services or other costs associated with school projects or reports.


Occasional Meals
As a booster, you may provide an occasional meal on infrequent and special occasions provided the meal is provided in an individual's home, on campus, or at a facility regularly used for Marquette's home competitions. Additionally, you may provide only reasonable local transportation for student-athletes if the meal is at your home. The Marquette Office of Compliance must grant prior approval before you can provide a meal for student-athletes. Please contact Danielle Josetti for the appropriate paperwork.



What About Student-Athlete Appearances and Promotions?
Please feel free to contact Marquette's marketing and promotions department to inquire about promoting Marquette athletics. While Marquette appreciates and welcomes your interest in supporting its athletics department, please avoid doing ANY of the following:

DO NOT use the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to directly or indirectly advertise, recommend, or promote the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind. Doing so will render the student-athlete ineligible for competition.

All charitable, educational, and nonprofit promotional activities involving student-athlete must have prior approval from the athletics department. All student-athlete appearances for such events are coordinated through Marquette's athletic department and require the department's prior approval.

DO NOT provide an honorarium to a student-athlete for any speaking engagement. Student-athletes may receive only necessary travel expenses when speaking to educational or charitable groups. All speaking engagements must be approved in advance and coordinated by the athletics department.

DO NOT mail items to student-athlete for them to sign and return to you. All student-athlete autographs must be obtained on fan days or after athletic events.

DO NOT use any item signed by a Marquette coach, student-athlete, or staff member in an auction, raffle, or any other type of fundraising activity to raise money for any high school project.


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