Relationships Involving Marquette Coaches

What About Relationships with Marquette Coaches?

DO NOT establish any fund for the purpose of recruiting prospective student-athlete's. All funds used for recruiting must be administered by Marquette University.

If you desire to contribute to such efforts, make a direct contribution to Marquette University's Blue & Gold Fund or coaches' discretionary funds through the athletics department and indicate which sport program you would like your donation to be used for.

DO NOT provide any monetary resources to a Marquette coach as a supplement to his/her salary. NCAA rules prohibit outside groups (i.e. individuals or organizations) from paying or regularly supplementing the salary of an athletics staff member. This includes the donation of cash from outside sources to Marquette earmarked for the staff member's salary or supplemental income.

It is permissible for an individual or outside organization to donate funds to Marquette to be used as determined by Marquette. If you would like to make a donation to Marquette, please contact the Blue & Gold Fund at (414) 288-3988.




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