Consequences for Booster Involvement in NCAA Violations

There are significant consequences for violations of NCAA rules and regulations that severely impact the athletics department, its student-athletes, and the larger Marquette community. The following are examples of what can occur when NCAA rules and regulations are not followed.

Disassociation: Any individual who has engaged in conduct that is determined, either by Marquette, Big East, or the NCAA, to be a violation of any NCAA or Big East legislation, rule, or imposition of sanctions, shall be subject to the revocation or withholding of any athletically related benefit or privilege received by that individual from Marquette. An individual may lose the privilege of purchasing season tickets, lose the privilege of being a member of a donor program and/or a booster club, or lose the privilege of purchasing other athletically related benefits or privileges as deemed appropriate by Marquette University.

Prospect or Student-Athlete Ineligibility: If you or a member of the athletics department staff violates a rule involving a prospective student-athlete or an enrolled student-athlete, that prospect or student-athlete could lose all eligibility for intercollegiate athletics participation at Marquette University. Therefore, we ask that you leave the recruitment of prospects to Marquette coaches and that you do not do anything that would jeopardize the eligibility of either a prospect or an enrolled student-athlete.

Loss of Scholarships, Championships, and Vacating of Wins: A violation of NCAA rules can result in Marquette sports losing a certain number of the athletic scholarships it provides to its student-athletes. This not only makes it harder for Marquette to compete, but it also drastically affects students come to Marquette to receive an education. Violations of NCAA rules can also result in a loss of previously won championships or games in those sports in which the violations occurred.



Death Penalty: In certain, albeit rare situations, violations of NCAA rules and regulations can be found to be so severe as to result in the elimination of an institution's athletics department.

These are only some of the various sanctions that can occur if the NCAA rules and regulations are not followed. While these sanctions can be exceptionally severe, the Marquette athletics department believes that if the staff, student-athletes, prospects, coaches, family members, and those who represent Marquette's athletics interests all work together, we can achieve compliance with NCAA rules and regulations and insure the integrity of Marquette athletics.

While we appreciate and encourage your continued support of Marquette athletics, please always check with the Office of Athletic Compliance before you make arrangements for any activity that involves prospective student-athletes, enrolled student-athletes, their families, relatives, or their legal guardians.

When it comes to intercollegiate athletics, the rule of thumb is



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