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Spring Greetings from AD Larry Williams
Endowing a Lacrosse Foundation

The Blue & Gold Fund Challenge!
Sisters Run on Similarities

Athletic Awards
Two Named to All-Century Teams
Bob Hornak Remembered
Compliance Corner - A Reminder: Do Not Use Social Media to Contact Recruits
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Spring Greetings from AD Larry Williams

Wow, what a great ride this year has been.  Our student-athletes have been remarkable, building on your legacy.  In competition, both soccer teams and the volleyball team secured NCAA bids.  Likewise, I am sure that we will look back on this year's men's basketball season with a great deal of satisfaction with a share of a BIG EAST Championship and an Elite Eight appearance complete with heart-stopping victories over Davidson and Butler.  There are few schools in the country that can boast of that level of broad-based success.

In the classroom and in the community, our student-athletes have also been remarkable.  You would have had a great sense of pride had you seen all of our student-athletes giving up their precious free Sunday afternoon recently to pack meals for the Feed My Starving Children program.  Soccer standout Bryan Ciesiulka organized the entire event and coach Markus Roeders was a key fundraiser.  That's Marquette!

Administratively, we've also been very busy.  I hope you have followed the various announcements relative to our newly reconstituted conference.  In today's ever-changing NCAA Division I competition, we now have a virtually bullet-proof association of 10 very like-minded schools that will allow us to nimbly move among the elite programs and conferences in the country.  We will keep the name BIG EAST, keep Madison Square Garden as the venue for our men's basketball tournament, and best of all, start next fall.  Our television partner in this enterprise is FOX and with its noted entrepreneurial spirit, it's willing to invest mightily in our success.  This is indeed a wonderful platform for all of our student-athletes to successfully achieve at the highest levels.

We now go about the work of building this platform.  The search for a strong and smart leader to be our commissioner is under way.  The offices for the new BIG EAST will likely be in New York and schedules and championships are being built.   Over the course of the next year we will look closely at potentially expanding to 12 schools, but for the time being, we feel excellent at 10.

Ultimately, our objective is to provide our student-athletes the very best competitive opportunities, thereby furthering their development.  I will try to keep you updated on our progress and hope that you will continue to support us in our efforts.

Best wishes and GO MARQUETTE!

Larry Williams
Vice President and Director of Athletics
Marquette University

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The Blue & Gold Fund Challenge!

This year the Blue and Gold Fund has committed itself to a record breaking $3.7 Million goal. The recent success of athletics at Marquette is no accident, it is because of those that support the Blue and Gold Fund that we are able to compete with the best of the best and come out as champions. This $3.7 Million goal is attainable, we are getting close but we are not there yet. Donate to the Blue and Gold Fund today and be a part of the WE because WE ARE MARQUETTE!

Season ticket holders please remember all donations and matching gifts must be in by the reseating deadline of April 30, 2013.

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Endowing a Lacrosse Foundation

Marquette University led the way in establishing Wisconsin's first NCAA Division 1 lacrosse program, one of a few in the Midwest. Now that the program is up and running, Marquette alumni and friends are leading the way in building the foundation of support that will allow our men's and women's lacrosse teams to achieve and sustain the same level of excellence that distinguishes the university's other 15 varsity programs.

"Brian Ruark of Marquette asked us if we would be interested in establishing an endowed athletic scholarship," explains Jim Dupree, Arts '65. "I knew that Marquette was going to start a lacrosse Division 1 program which I thought would be great for the university. So my wife, Cheryl, and I decided that, instead of waiting for the `death provision' in our will, we would endow a scholarship for Marquette lacrosse athletes now so we could watch the program develop and grow to compete at an elite level."

"We became lacrosse fans watching our son play youth and high school lacrosse," add Kim, Bus Ad '79, and Owen Sullivan, Arts '79, who also established an endowed scholarship for Marquette lacrosse players. "We are very excited about the growth of lacrosse and believe it is an up and coming sport. For Marquette athletics, it adds a program that broadens our athletic offerings and creates another opportunity for the university to excel."

"As a former Marquette club lacrosse player, the opportunity to make an early, lasting commitment to the sport seemed best accomplished by endowing a scholarship for lacrosse players," agrees Dave Sullivan III, SP '86. "My wife Gioia and I also wanted to send a message to the university that we endorsed their commitment to lacrosse."

There are many ways to support a new athletic program. Why endowed scholarships?
"College should be first and foremost about academics," says Owen Sullivan. "A strong endowed scholarship program provides an opportunity for athletes to continue with their passion while seeking a degree."

"We felt an endowed scholarship would more directly affect the lacrosse program and hopefully lead others to make a contribution to the program as well," adds Jim Dupree.

"The long term viability of lacrosse as part of the Marquette athletic portfolio is very important to me," says Dave Sullivan. "To the extent that fixed costs like scholarships and coaching salaries can be endowed, that provides a stable foundation for the sport in perpetuity."

Rest assured all three couples anticipate returns on their investments.
"With the commitment of the university and the quality of the coaching staff, there is no doubt that Marquette men's and women's lacrosse can and will be premiere teams on the national stage," says Owen Sullivan. "Marquette's standards of quality will ensure a successful program."

"My hope is for NCAA champion Marquette men's and women's lacrosse teams," adds Dave Sullivan. "In the interim, I'm hopeful we will field competitive teams of student athletes, that our teams will be viewed as models of integrity, and that we will be able to provide all the resources the teams require to be successful in the classroom as well as on the field." 

Dave Sullivan
Jim & Cheryl Dupree
Owen & Kim Sullivan

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Sisters Run on Similarities

By Tess Quinlan

There was never a prediction that freshman Molly Hanson would end up at the same school as her sister, Michaela Courtney (Arts '06). Six years after the All-American graduated with a degree in History and the school record for the mile, Courtney is watching Hanson make history at Marquette.

At the Alex Wilson Invitational this season, the self-proclaimed introverted sister broke the freshman record in the mile with a time of 4:48.79, only five seconds behind her older sister's school record of 4:43:07. She was also a Student Athlete of the Week in October during the cross country season and helped the Marquette women earn their best finish at the BIG EAST Indoor Championship since 2008.

Now that Hanson is a Golden Eagle, the two sisters frequently talk about running and life at Marquette, texting almost daily. Courtney, who lives in Washington, D.C., frequently watches meets online and tracks her younger sister's performance.

"She's really supportive of everything that I've done," Hanson said, "She's good to keep me stable and keep me grounded when it comes to running. Sometimes you can have a bad day and just freak out and she keeps me looking at the big picture."

"I'm ten years older than her, but we're super close and always have been," Courtney said, "It's cool how we went to the same school and now it's like we're best friends, which is cool to have in college. We're even closer than we were before."

Even though the two ended up at the same university, their paths to MU could not have been more different. Courtney, a highly-touted recruit from Dodgeville, transferred to Marquette from the University of Wisconsin-Madison after her sophomore year. Hanson flew more under the radar, only coming into the spotlight after winning a state championship her senior season. Even though their paths were different, the two are very similar runners.

"She probably had more endurance than I do. I think I have more of a kick than she did, but we like staying in the middle. We're both smart racers," Hanson said.

"She has a really smart way of putting (running) into perspective," Courtney said, "When people go to school, freshman sometimes run fast to keep up and might get injured. She goes season by season and looks to the long run."

The two frequently talk about Hanson's short and long term goals, one of which Hanson recently achieved. She set a personal goal to finish under 4:50 for the mile at the Alex Wilson Invitational. Hanson finished two seconds under that.

"Her potential is unlimited," Courtney said, "She has three or four more years and if she makes good choices, she can be in the position as a national-level athlete to be an All-American."

Courtney passed along a piece of advice that Hanson applies daily: If you're happy, you're going to run well.

"In life, I think she's taught me to make sure that whatever you're doing, you're doing it because you're happy. Make sure you're having fun and loving life."

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Athletic Awards

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics will present its fifth annual Athletic Alumni Awards on Friday, April 26, at the Al McGuire Center with the reception starting at 4:30 pm. Recipients this year are:
William R. O'Toole, Sp `79 - Distinguished Alumnus of the Year
George R. Thompson, III, Sp '69 - Lifetime Achievement Award
Steven R. Michels, Sp '87 - Friend of Marquette Athletics Award
Timothy M. Kummer, Nurs '07 - Young Alumnus of the Year Award
Terence P. Cahill, Arts '68, Law '72 - M Club Hy Popuch Memorial Service Award
O'Toole was on the soccer team, Thompson basketball, Cahill tennis and Kummer was the Golden Eagle.

Three other alumni letter-winners are also being honored during the All-University Alumni Awards Weekend. They are:
Don Kojis, Arts '61 - All-University Service to the Community Award
Ellen Nowak Belk, Comm '91 - James T. Tiedge Memorial Award - J. William and Mary Diederich College of Communication
Daniel Casey, Eng '66 - Entrepreneurial Award - College of Engineering
Kojis and Belk were basketball players and Casey soccer.

To read full bios on the recipients or to register to attend any of the Alumni Awards Weekend events please go to

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Two Named to All-Century Teams

Two Marquette alumna student-athletes were named to Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) All-Century teams recently. Marquette University's women's teams competed in the WIAC in the early to mid-1980s before becoming Division 1 programs.

Katie Webb, Dent Hy`85, was named to the 15-person WIAC All-Century cross country team. Katie was inducted into the M Club Hall of Fame in 1996 as both an individual and as a member of the 1982 NAIA National Cross Country Championship team. Webb won the NAIA cross country gold medal in 1982 and the outdoor 10,000 meter championship in 1985. She was an All-American all four of her years in competition in cross country or track.

Barbara Van Lieshout Rueth, Bus Ad `86, was named to the 12-member WIAC All-Century tennis team. She helped Marquette to the NAIA National Tournament three times from 1982-84. She was the WIAC champion each of her four seasons at number one singles. In 1999, she was inducted into the M Club Hall of Fame.

The WIAC began in 1912 and today has nine UW system members - Whitewater, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Stevens Point, Platteville, Superior, Stout, Oshkosh and River Falls.

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Compliance Corner: A Reminder: Do Not Use Social Media to Contact Recruits

Thank you for your tremendous support of our entire athletics program. Our 300+ student-athletes, coaches and administrative staff are appreciative of your spirit and affinity for Marquette Athletics.
Your adherence to all applicable NCAA rules is essential as we strive to maintain and enhance our national athletic prominence, while protecting the University's tradition of integrity and values. As you support Marquette Athletics, please be mindful of your interactions with recruits. A recruit is defined by the NCAA as anybody who is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade.
Technology has made it easier to obtain access to prospects/recruits and their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). As such, please remember that it is against NCAA rules for any Booster/Donor/Alumni or any other Representative of Athletics Interests to contact a recruit or his/her family, this includes through his/her social media page(s).
These prohibitions on social media contact include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Writing on a recruit's Facebook wall
  • Using the inbox/email or chat functions on Facebook to contact a recruit
  • Creating Facebook pages to urge recruits to "come to Marquette"
  • Including the recruit's Twitter handle or Instagram user name in a tweet on Twitter or comment on Instagram (i.e. "mentions", @_____)
  • Replying to a recruit's tweet (i.e. "@replies", RT@_______)
  • Using the Direct Message function on Twitter to contact a recruit
  • Tagging a recruit in a photo on any of the social media platforms

It is permissible for a Booster/etc. to follow a recruit via his/her social media pages, so long as the Booster does not reach out to the recruit and, in any way, encourage the recruit to attend Marquette. Even if the recruit contacts the Booster/etc., the Booster/etc. should not return the contact.
With all of the growing social media platforms, contacting people becomes easier and easier. However, please don't put Marquette at risk for a NCAA violation by attempting to contact a prospect or his/her family in any way. Doing so could also jeopardize the eligibility of that recruit. Please leave the recruiting to the coaches.
The Office of Athletic Compliance thanks you for your adherence to the rules and appreciates your continued support of Marquette Athletics. For additional compliance information and tips, follow Marquette Compliance on Twitter: @MarqUCompliance.
Please remember to ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!

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Bob Hornak Remembered

Bob Hornak was one of top Marquette basketball players in the early 1960s, not only on-the-court but also as a solid leader influencing his teammates and many others off-the-court.  This link plays a video about Bob Hornak that explores his role and contributions as a teammate and individual.  Marquette was grateful when Bob's son Rob and his family started an endowed scholarship to honor his father.   A member of the men's basketball team rightfully benefits from this endowment.  While initially funded by the Hornak family, the endowment is open to receive donations from friends of Bob. 

Hornak Video:

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