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And today's Final JEOPARDY! answer is:
Head count and equivalency at MU and the NCAA

Seeing The Difference in others
Women's Tennis All-Time Team Announced
Larry Williams named new Athletics Director

300 Attend Mid-Season Blue & Gold Fund Luncheon
Buzz Williams earns 100th career victory
Volleyball Holds Banquet to Commemorate 2011 Campaign

Who is a Representative of Athletics Interests?

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And today's Final JEOPARDY! answer is:

And today's Final JEOPARDY! answer is:

These two Marquette coaches combined have:

  • Led their teams to more than 640 victories and 5 conference championships
  • Made 12 NCAA championship appearances
  • Coached more than 300 student-athletes over 43 years, including 46 All-Conference selections and 131 All-Academic selections

The question:

Who are MU's winningest coaches, Terri Mitchell and Jody Bronson?


Now consider the individual stats:

In her 16th season leading Marquette Women's Basketball, Coach Mitchell and the Golden Eagles have:

  • Earned 13 trips to the post-season;
  • Tallied nine, 20-win seasons resulting in nine consecutive, post-season berths;
  • Made three trips to the NCAA Tournament Second Round; and
  • Won the Women's National Invitation Tournament crown in 2008.

In her 27th season leading Marquette Women's Tennis, Coach Bronson--the longest tenured coach to date among MU's 14 intercollegiate sports--points with pride to her teams' many successes:

  • Three conference championships;
  • Three trips to the NCAA Tournament; and
  • Winning campaigns in 15 of 26 seasons, including the program's best winning percentage of 90.5 in 1988-89 and highest ranking to date--24th in the nation in 1997-98.

Numbers are impressive but don't have to be high to be notable. Consider one stat that Coaches Mitchell and Bronson have in common:

  • Each has an endowed scholarship established in her name to benefit student-athletes on her team.

It's a stat reflecting their shared love for Marquette and personal commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of young women.

"When I began coaching MU Tennis in 1985, there was no budget for team travel or scholarship. I had the opportunity to build a program--a competitive one that pitted our women in non-conference matches with some of the best ranked teams in the nation. I wanted to see how they'd respond--they didn't disappoint. Just as important, I have had the opportunity to impact young women, not simply as athletes or students, but as individuals developing to their full potential through the Marquette experience. I have as much pride in being able to do that as I take in building a successful tennis program."

That pride flows through Coach Bronson's ability to make the Marquette experience possible through the Jody J. Bronson Endowed Tennis Scholarship, established by an anonymous benefactor after Coach chalked up team win #300 in 2010. This year marks the first for awarding the scholarship, which is making a difference for freshman Rocio Diaz. Coach Bronson, who has a voice in selecting the scholarship recipient, is thrilled to help Rocio. Coach describes the native Argentinian as an unselfish, hard-working, competitive athlete and great student who is a total team player and ideal role model.

Speaking of ideal role model, Coach Mitchell chooses to lead by example on the court as well as through the Terri L. Mitchell Scholarship. She established the fund in 2010 through a pledge, inspiring two benefactors to establish their own endowed scholarships while motivating others to make gifts to build the Mitchell fund. The scholarship will be awarded once fully funded at $50,000. Coach Mitchell simply but genuinely explains why she wanted to create an enduring award to help her players as well as generations of players to come:

"I love Marquette because it offers an education beyond the classroom, shaping the whole person. Our students grow as persons in every respect at Marquette; I feel privileged to be part of that growth, witnessing and being involved in the lives of my players--who come in as girls and graduate as women. Marquette is a special place--one I believe in because of who we are and what we do here. The scholarship demonstrates how I feel about the university and the students. There's no greater way to show others the importance of scholarship giving than to step up myself and lead."

And tomorrow's Final JEOPARDY! answer is:

  • $4.43 million,
  • $5.87 million,
  • $1.44 million, and
  • 414.288.3988

The question:

What is:

  • The amount of athletic scholarship dollars MU has distributed to student-athletes this year;
  • The total amount MU could award under NCAA guidelines;
  • The gap in available scholarship resources that funds like the ones named after Coaches Bronson and Mitchell help fill, making them winners beyond the court; and
  • The number to call to learn how to join MU's winning team of scholarship benefactors

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Head count and equivalency at MU and the NCAA

The vast majority of Marquette student-athletes pay some tuition, which is true at all Division 1 universities. That statement surprises a lot of people; many falsely believe all student-athletes receive "full rides."

The NCAA has two kinds of scholarships - head count and equivalency. A "head count" team means that players get a full ride - tuition, room & board, books - or are walk-ons; nothing in-between. Marquette has four head count sports - men's basketball, women's basketball, women's volleyball and women's tennis. "Head count" teams are determined by the NCAA.

The other 12 sports at Marquette - by NCAA dictate - are equivalency sports, which means those teams get a set number of scholarships to be divided up among its student-athletes. How the scholarships are divided is up to each coach - some reward starters, others juniors and seniors, a few give a set amount that is promised for four years. The number of scholarships for each sport is set by the NCAA and applies to every Division 1 university.

Here is a listing of MU equivalency sports, the number of scholarships and average number of student-athletes on each team.

Sport NCAA No of Scholarships **Ave. No on Team
Women's Lacrosse 12 30
Men's Lacrosse 12.6 45
Men's Golf 4.5 9
*Women's Cross/Track 18 44
*Men's Cross Country/Track 12.6 46
Women's Soccer 14 32
Men's Soccer 9.9 28
Men's Tennis 4.5 10

*Women's and men's cross country count as two sports. Men's and women's track count as four sports because there is both an indoor and outdoor NCAA championship.

**Team size is determined by the coach and changes yearly. These are averages over the last several seasons or are projections.

Marquette will have approximately 292 student-athletes for 2012-13. Of those roughly 48 are full-ride members from "head count" sports. The other 244 only receive partial athletic scholarships or no assistance - they can apply for academic scholarships and financial aid - but most pay some level of tuition.

The Blue & Gold Fund for current-use scholarships really helps "prime the pump" in that athletic scholarships help bring in additional tuition dollars for Marquette.

Fully funding the 136.1 athletic scholarships through the Blue & Gold Fund and endowments benefits Marquette by: bringing in additional tuition dollars; directly benefitting academic colleges; and, providing a foundation for athletics to market the Marquette name through recruitment of top student-athletes.

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Seeing The Difference in others

Do you know a fellow alumnus/a who, through personal or professional achievements, truly embodies the mission of Marquette? Please nominate him or her for an Alumni National Award. Nominations received this year will be considered for an award in 2013. View the awards criteria, visit the online nomination form and save the date - the 2012 Alumni National Awards celebration is April 26-28.

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Women's Tennis All-Time Team Announced

The Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) announced today the Women's Tennis All-Time Team that will be recognized in conjunction with the conference's upcoming Centennial Celebration.   All-Time Teams are being selected in those men's and women's sports that have been classified as "championship" sports at some point during the conference's 100-year history.  Additional teams will be released on a weekly basis throughout much of the 2011-12 academic year.

Women's Tennis All-Time Team

Name             School                       Years Participated  Hometown (High School)*
Lisa Bartnicki (UW-Whitewater) (1984-88) Milwaukee, Wis. (Hamilton)
Molly Cope (UW-Eau Claire) (1998-91) Golden Valley, Minn. (Hopkins)
Kady Hickman (UW-Eau Claire) (1994-97) Shoreview, Minn. (Mounds View)
Alison Hover (UW-Eau Claire) (2000-03) St. Cloud, Minn. (Tech) 
Jill Jacobson (UW-La Crosse) (1985-88) Winona, Minn.
Coralie Lockner (UW-Eau Claire) (1997-2000) Minneapolis, Minn. (Southwest)
Connie O'Neill (UW-Whitewater) (1981-83) Lake Geneva, Wis. (Badger)
Angie Riedel (UW-La Crosse) (2003-07) Wauwatosa, Wis. (East)
Mary Sarbacker (UW-Whitewater) (1984-88) Madison, Wis. (La Follette)
Kalla Schaefer (UW-Whitewater) (2008-present) Madison, Wis. (Memorial)
Wendy Seymour (UW-Whitewater) (1990, 1992) Wauwatosa, Wis. (Pius XI)
Barb VanLieshout (Marquette) (1982-85) Menasha, Wis.

Women's Tennis All-Time Coach:  Frank Barnes (UW-Whitewater) (2004-present)

*Indicates hometown and high school while attending school

WIAC Commissioner Gary Karner remarked that this has been an extremely difficult process given the 100-year span and incomparable success the conference has experienced in most of its sports.  Karner noted that in some sports, even achieving All-American status didn't necessarily guarantee an athlete a spot on the team.   He also acknowledged that while disagreement is inherent and expected whenever there is a selection of an all-time anything (be it a team, restaurant or movie), the conference nonetheless felt it important to recognize student-athletes and coaches who have contributed to the success of the most accomplished Division III conference in NCAA history.  

The student-athlete representation on each team has relied heavily on input provided by the sports information director from each of the nine WIAC campuses, while the process for selecting the head coach(es) for each team also includes input from a panel of media representatives.   The number of individuals selected per team varies depending upon the nature of the sport itself as well as the number of years the sport has/had been sponsored within the conference.  

The conference has also elected to establish a special "legacy" category to recognize those student-athletes and coaches who had extremely accomplished careers but competed during an era(s) when the compilation of statistical data was spotty at best and/or the style of play at that time does not translate for comparative purposes to the stats prevalent in the modern era.     The WIAC "Legacy Team" will also be named at a later date.  

All-Time Team members will receive certificates from the conference and it is hoped that most, if not all, of the recipients will be in attendance or represented at the WIAC Centennial Banquet to be held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison on August 4, 2012.

More information on the activities and events associated with the WIAC Centennial can be accessed via the WIAC website at

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Compliance Corner: Who is a Representative of Athletics Interests?

You Are If:

YOU EVER were or currently are a member of any group which support specific athletic teams.

YOU EVER contributed to any Marquette University athletics program or team.

YOU EVER purchased season tickets for any sport.

YOU EVER participated as a Marquette varsity student-athlete or are a Marquette alum.

YOU EVER helped to arrange employment for enrolled student-athletes during the summer or semester break.

YOU HAVE EVER promoted any Marquette University athletics program.

According to NCAA rules, once an individual has been identified as an institutional representative of athletics interests, the individual retains that title FOR LIFE. Marquette is ultimately responsible for the acts of all representatives of athletics interests in relation to NCAA rules and regulations. So please, ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!

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