What is the Blue & Gold Athletic Scholarship Fund?

Marquette University is committed to excellence in academics, athletics, and leadership through the service of others. Our programs have enjoyed a long, rewarding tradition of excellence, but to continue to support this mission, Marquette needs you!  Whether you are a longtime member of the Blue & Gold Scholarship Fund, or a prospective first time donor, your support is vital to our success, and I thank you. 

Athletic Scholarships are imperative to the success of our athletics program at Marquette. Donors to the Blue & Gold Fund appreciate the value of athletics and recognize the importance of scholarship support for student-athletes. Over the course of the last decade, the Blue & Gold Fund has provided over $20 million in scholarship support to Marquette student-athletes. However, as the cost of higher education rises, the challenge of funding scholarships grows as well.  Scholarship Aid continues to be one of our top priorities. 

  Blue & Gold Fund Goals
1. Generate $4 million through the Blue & Gold Scholarship Fund
2. Grow our Athletic Endowment to $20 Million by 2017
3. Increase our Blue and Gold Scholarship Donor Base to 5,000

Your generosity will help to provide the foundation of success at Marquette for our student athletes of today and those of tomorrow.  Help us continue this excellence by donating to the Blue and Gold Fund, today.

On behalf of Marquette University, our student-athletes and the administration, we thank you for your support!

We are Marquette!





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