Athletic Endowment

Advancing Athletics Through Scholarship Endowment

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The success of Marquette athletics has an immeasurable impact upon the vitality and exposure of the university. There is no greater way to invest in the success of Marquette athletics than establishing an endowed athletic scholarship. By endowing an athletic scholarship, you will:

  • Create an enduring link between you and the university.
  • Provide transformational opportunities for many student-athletes.
  • Position the university to financially and competitively meet its athletic potential.
  • Address a top priority for Marquette: to build the university's scholarship endowment.

Attracting Champions

The Importance of the Marquette Athletic Scholarship Endowment

Increasing and sustaining scholarship aid is an important priority at Marquette University. Endowed athletic scholarships are essential in order to provide opportunities for student-athletes to achieve their academic and athletic goals.

An endowed scholarship provides a lasting stream of income because Marquette holds the gift in perpetuity, investing in principle and using a portion of the annual return to fund scholarship awards. This provides permanent income scholarship support while increasing the endowment value.

Speaking of value, the importance of endowed athletic scholarship funding is greater than ever. Marquette competes in one of the best athletic conferences in the nation, the BIG EAST. With tougher competition comes a greater challenge to attract the caliber of student-athletes who will be champions in and out of the classroom. The university's ability to attract champions is highly dependent upon the availability of a significant and sustainable scholarship budget.

Closing the Athletic Scholarship Funding Gap

As a member of the BIG EAST conference, Marquette gains national exposure - a powerful marketing tool for attracting academically talented students with an affinity for sports. The NCAA allows Marquette to offer 135 equivalent athletic scholarships based on our 16 intercollegiate sports, but last year we had the funds award only 95.

For the 2010-11 Academic Year...

  • More than 4,500 alumni and friends contributed approximately $3.4 million to the Blue & Gold Athletic Scholarship Fund - an all-time high for Marquette Athletics.  The Blue & Gold Fund provides current-use scholarships ("one-and-done" resources).
  • The Marquette Athletic Scholarship Endowment, valued at more than
    $4.4 million, provided approximately $220,000 in spendable athletic scholarship aid.
  • Based upon Marquette's sponsorship of 14 intercollegiate sports, NCAA provisions allowed Marquette to award up t0 $4.5 million in athletic scholarships.
  • Marquette athletics had an $881, 000 funding gap between the maximum amount of scholarship aid allowed by the NCAA and what Marquette could fiscally provide for scholarship aid for the 2010 - 2011 season. **With the addition of 24.6 scholarships for men's and women's lacrosse in the coming years, this gap will increase by $1 million..

Strategic Objective

Grow Marquette's Athletic Scholarship Endowment

To maximize our full athletic potential and provide academic opportunities to deserving young men and women, we are committed to growing the Marquette Athletic Scholarship Endowment to $20 million by 2017. Thereafter, this endowment will fund approximately $1 million annually (5 percent) in critical athletic scholarship aid.

What Will Be Your Legacy for Marquette Athletics?

Marquette University remains grateful for the visionary support of our current endowed athletic scholarship donors. Their names are forever linked with our proud athletic tradition and the lives of many exceptional student-athletes who are proud to call Marquette their alma mater.

We invite you to consider a tax-deductible, perpetual investment in the future of Marquette athletics and its student-athletes by establishing an endowed athletic scholarship. With a minimum commitment of $50,000 and an initial $10,000 gift, you can establish a named, endowed athletic scholarship. A fully endowed athletic scholarship is currently recognized at $1 million.
Once established, Marquette will select and provide you with the name(s) of the student-athlete(s) who will benefit from your scholarship. The selection will be based upon certain criteria that you determine as preferences:

  • Participant in a certain sport.
  • Enrollment in a particular college at Marquette.
  • Other criteria as agreed upon by Marquette University.

Ways to Establish an Endowed Athletic Scholarship

There are many vehicles you might consider to establish an endowed athletic scholarship:

  • A cash gift or other current assets.
  • An irrevocable deferred/planned gift.
  • A simple request.

Once you establish your endowed scholarship, you, friends or family members can make additional gifts, thereby increasing the value and impact of your scholarship in future years.

Recognition Opportunities

  • Once established, you can name the endowed athletic scholarship.

  • Your scholarship will be recognized in perpetuity on the Hank Raymonds Endowed Athletic Scholarship Wall featured in the Al McGuire Center's Wheeler Walk of Champions.

Current Endowed Athletic Scholarship Funds

(As of August 2012 - listed by the year the fund was established)

  • Marquette University General Athletic Scholarship (1977)

  • Vincent R. and Mary E. Shiely Memorial Scholarship for Women Student-Athletes (1978)

  • Hank Raymonds Endowment for Olympic Sports (1987)

  • Jimmy Halling Memorial Scholarship for Men's Basketball (1991)

  • Patrick and Jane (Gramling) Carlin Scholarship for Men's or Women's Soccer with Specified Preference (1992)

  • Rev. Albert J. DiUlio, S.J., Scholarship for Olympic Sports (1996)

  • Dr. Richard J. Kitz Scholarship for Men's Basketball (1996)

  • Earl L. and Elaine R. Winkelman Scholarship for a Business Administration or Nursing Student-Athlete (1998)

  • Elizabeth Denkewalter Ryberg Scholarship for Track & Field/Cross Country (1999)

  • Dr. Robert and Sandy Pavlic Scholarship with Specified Preference (2000)

  • Brian D. Hanley Memorial Scholarship for Men's Basketball (2003)

  • Kevin and Sheila Frisinger Scholarship for Men's Basketball (2005)

  • James M. Meier Scholarship for Men's Basketball (2005)

  • Endowed Scholarship for Track & Field/Cross Country In Honor of James M. Allen (2005)

  • The George and Virginia Schneider Charitable Foundation Scholarship for Men's Basketball (2006)

  • The George and Virginia Schneider Charitable Foundation Endowment for Athletic Academic Center (2006)

  • The George and Virginia Schneider Charitable Foundation Scholarship for Women's Soccer (2006)

  • Basketball Alumni Quasi-endowment established by Ralph Amsden '44 for Men's Basketball (2006)

  • Stanley and Barbara Andrie Family Scholarship for Men's Basketball (2007)

  • Charles and Margaret Hammer Scholarship for Summer Study (2007)

  • James H. Wheeler, Jr., and Virginia M. Wheeler Scholarship for Men's and Women's Basketball (2008)

  • Ron and Sally Kujawa Family Scholarship with Specified Preference (2008)

  • Nancy Noeske, Ph.D., Scholarship for Cheerleaders (2009)

  • Dr. Robert and Susan Murray General Athletic Scholarship (2009)

  • Brian and Laura Brewer Scholarship for Men's or Women's Soccer (2009)

  • Marv Swentkofske Memorial Football General Athletic Scholarship (2009)

  • Endowed Scholarship for Women's Tennis In Honor of Jody Bronson (2010)

  • Robert C. Hornak Memorial Scholarship for Men's Basketball (2010)

  • Terri L. Mitchell Scholarship for Women's Basketball (2010)

  • John & Lisa Wilson Scholarship for Men's Basketball (2010)

  • Robert & Constance Schwaab Scholarship for Business Student-Athlete with Specified Preference (2010)

  • Andy Nunemaker Scholarship for Business Administration Student-Athlete (2010)

  • Dr. Joseph & Nancy Geenan Scholarship for Men's Basketball (2010)

  • Dr. Karen Jahimiak Scholarship for Women's Basketball (2010)

  • Dave & Joyce Gonring Family General Athletic Scholarship (2010)

  • Palen Family Scholarship for Golf (2010)

  • Sullivan-Riccio Family Scholarship for Men's or Women's Lacrosse (2011)

  • James & Cheryl Dupree Scholarship for Men's or Women's Lacrosse (2011)

  • Leon P. Geiger Scholarship with Specified Preference (2011)

  • James & Karen Spella Family Scholarship for Women's Volleyball (2011)

  • Owen & Kimberly Sullivan Scholarship for Men's or Women's Lacrosse (2011)

  • Dennis Jr. & Pamela Klumb Scholarship with Specified Preference (2011)

  • John & Mary Madden General Athletic Scholarship (2011)

  • Wenzler Family Scholarship for Business Administration Student-Athlete (2011)

  • Rob & Nancy Sobczak Scholarship for Men's Basketball (2011)

  • Poulton Family Scholarship Arts & Sciences or Business Administration Student-Athlete (2011)

  • Mary P. & Dennis Sage Scholarship for Track & Field (2011)

  • Robert & Kathleen Mahoney Scholarship for Business Administration Student-Athlete (2011)

  • Martinelli Family Athletic Scholarship for Business Administration Student-Athlete (2012)

  • Komorowski Family General Athletic Scholarship (2012)

  • Anonymous, Scholarship for Women Student-Athletes (2012)

  • Peter and Ruth Schneider Family Endowment for Men's Basketball (2012)

  • Chip & Merilee Turner Endowment for Business Administration Student-Athlete (2012)

  • Patrick & Sally McComis General Athletic Scholarship in Memory of Charles and Anne McComis (2013)

  • Mary Pat & Richard McDermott Scholarship for Women's Lacrosse (2013)

  • Dr. John A. & Rebekka E. Schneider Scholarship with Specified Preference (2013)

The following have committed to establish endowed athletic scholarships through their estate plans:

  • James H. and Virginia Wheeler, Jr.
  • Thomas and Patricia Packee
  • Karen M. Kindel
  • Mary L. Tobin
  • Dr. Arthur & Karen Helgerson

Please Note: Contributions to Athletic Endowments are counted at the same ratio for priority points as BLUE & GOLD Fund donations.

  • In the current reseating year, you would receive 1 point for every $100.
  • In past reseating years, you would receive 1 point for every $250.

For more information on endowed athletic scholarships, please contact (414-288-0289) or (414-288-0253). To setup a future endowed scholarship through endowed scholarship estate planning, please contact Dr. Paul McInerny.