Hy Popuch Award

Hy Popuch Background & Criteria

In 1954, the Marquette University M Club decided to present an award annually to someone who has demonstrated loyal and dedicated service to Marquette athletics over a long period of time. The honor was originally named The Man of the Year Award and was renamed following the inclusion of women to the Marquette University Athletics Program in the 1970s.

The award is named for Hy Popuch, a former M Club president and recipient of the M Club Man of the Year Award in 1974. The award name changed from "Man of the Year" to the "Hy Popuch Award" to honor Hy who died at the age of 73 March 16, 1984 of a stroke. The First recipient of the Hy Popuch Award was former Marquette University Athletics Director, Hank Raymonds, who received the award in 1987.

Hy epitomized what service and loyalty to Marquette athletics is all about. If there was some athletic related activity going on in this area, Hy was always there to run it, arrange for banquets, donate trophies, plaques, etc.

He graduated from Marquette in 1943 after having earned varsity letters in tennis and football. In addition to his activities for Marquette, Hy was inducted into the Jewish Community Center's Athletic Wall of Fame in 1968 for his many community services. He was also named Man of the Year by the Wisconsin Independent Schools Athletic Association for his sponsorship of youth athletic teams and banquets that he spearheaded over many years.

Hy also received the Marquette Metropolitan Area Award, the Jerry Lewis Award for work against Muscular Dystrophy and the Certificate of Achievement Award from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department.

Hy Popuch Recipients

1954 - Ernie Kukla
1958 - Walter Andrews
1960 - Joseph Polack, Stan Lowe, & Con Jennings
1964 - Bob Weingart
1968 - Mel Shimek
1969 - Peter Murphy
1970 - John Sisk
1971 - R. Bell & A. Dornoff
1972 - Ralph Bureta
1973 - Dr. Ray Kuffel & Red Coldagelli
1974 - Hy Popuch
1976 - Charles Mulcahy
1979 - John Glaser
1985 - James Hanley
1986 - Gene Schramka
1987 - Hank Raymonds
1988 - Jim Allen
1989 - Gordon Banerian
1990 - Joe Anderer & Jim Pozza
1991 - Daniel J. Murphy
1992 - Ken Schoenecker
1993 - Bob Hutchison
1994 - Francis Mierzwa & Dr. Charles Eichenberger
1995 - Robert W. Muren
1996 - Paul McInerny
1997 - Dr. Robert Karczewski
1998 - Louis A. Gral & Jaren E. "Jerry" Hiller
1999 - Patrick Mulcahy
2000 - Rev. William Kelly, S.J.
2001 - Mary Ellen Markowski
2002 - Jim Langenkamp
2003 - Linda Raymonds
2004 - Bob Allen
2005 - Michael End, Frank Galka, & Barney Karpfinger
2006 - Marvin Swentkofske
2007 - Sheridan P. "Mike" & Ione Backus
2008 - Dr. Diane Held Munzenmaier
2009 - Mark Madigan
2010 - Paul Nowakowski
2011 - Tom Packee
2012 - Terry Cahill





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