NCAA Compliance Issues

Marquette Athletics appreciates your support of student athletes and our athletic department.  As a donor of the Blue and Gold Fund, the NCAA now considers you to be a representative of Marquette Athletics, commonly called a “booster.” With this designation comes certain responsibilities and  The Marquette Compliance Office asks for your cooperation in understanding and abiding by the following requirements.

How Can You Determine if You are a Booster?

You are a booster if you:

  • Have ever made a financial contribution to the athletics department;
  • Are or have ever been a member of any corporation, company, agency or any other organization promoting Marquette Athletics;
  • Have ever helped to arrange or have provided employment for an enrolled student-athlete or his/her parents/relatives;
  • Have ever assisted in any manner in the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete or been requested by Marquette Athletics to assist in the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete;
  • Have promoted Marquette’s Athletics in any manner.

Please remember: Once you become a Marquette booster, the NCAA considers you to be a booster forever and makes Marquette indefinitely responsible for your actions with respect to Marquette Athletics.


Rules Prohibiting “Extra Benefits”




NCAA legislation prohibits Marquette boosters from providing "extra benefits" to enrolled or prospective student-athletes.  An extra benefit is any special arrangement to provide any benefit to a student-athlete, the student-athlete’s family, relatives, legal guardians or friends that is not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation.


In general, you may not provide anything or make special arrangements for student-athlete's that are not generally available to the student population.


Examples of “Extra Benefits:”

  • The use of an automobile or other personal property
  • Gifts of any kind, including birthday cards, flowers, holiday gifts, and gifts of clothing or equipment.
  • Providing loans to student-athlete's relatives or friends.
  • Any tangible items, including merchandise.
  • Free or reduced-cost services, rentals, or purchases of any type.
  • Free or reduced-cost housing.
  • Gift of cash or similar items.
  • Providing special discounts for goods and services.
  • Purchasing complimentary admissions from a student-athlete.
  • Providing an honorarium to a student-athlete for a speaking engagement.
  • Providing typing services or other costs associated with school projects or reports.


As a booster, you may provide an occasional meal on infrequent and special occasions provided the meal is provided in an individual’s home, on campus, or at a facility regularly used for Marquette’s home competitions. Additionally, you may provide only reasonable local transportation for student-athletes if the meal is at your home.  The Marquette Office of Compliance must grant prior approval before you can provide such a meal.  Please contact Danielle Josetti for the appropriate paperwork. 

The Golden Rule for Boosters:

  • Always check with the Athletic Compliance Office before you make arrangements for any activity that involves prospective student-athletes, enrolled student-athletes, their families, relatives or their legal guardians.
  • When it comes to intercollegiate athletics, the rule of thumb is…

For specific NCAA rule interpretations: please contact:
Danielle Josetti at 414-288-3983 or by email at:



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