Marquette Places 28 on All-BIG EAST Squad

Sophomore Maxwell Bullard brought home a title in the shot put.
March 1, 2016

Official BIG EAST Release

NEW YORK - Following a historic weekend for Marquette University Track & Field that saw the women claim their first-ever BIG EAST Indoor championship and the men finish runner-up for the second consecutive year, a total of 28 Golden Eagles earned All-BIG EAST recognition, the league office announced today.

Marquette was honored with 14 representatives from each side. Four event winners, including Maya Marion (shot put), Gemma Tedeschi (pole vault), Omo Tseumah (high jump) and BIG EAST Field Performer of the Meet, Monique Felix, led the women. Felix joins Anna Strong as two of only seven females to receive All-BIG EAST honors in three events.

The men featured three event winners, including Maxwell Bullard in the shot put and Joel Swanberg as a repeat champion in both the pole vault and heptathlon. Swanberg was one of just five male athletes to be honored in three events.

The All-BIG EAST squad is comprised of BIG EAST competitors who finished in the top-three in any individual or relay event at the championships.

Olivia Pratt, Butler (3,000-meter run, 5,000-meter run)
Emily Eller, DePaul (Shot Put)
Ariel Davis, DePaul (60-meter hurdles)
Corinne Franz, DePaul (Shot Put)
Gabrielle Howard, DePaul (Long Jump, Triple Jump)
Caroline Muller, DePaul (High Jump)
Shayna Nwokenkwo, DePaul (60-meter dash)
Tayler Whittler, DePaul (60-meter dash, 200-meter dash)
Audrey Belf, Georgetown (5,000-meter run)
Katrina Coogan, Georgetown (3,000-meter run, DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Piper Donaghu, Georgetown (800-meter run, 4x400-meter relay)
Emma Keenan, Georgetown (800-meter run, 4x400-meter relay)
Andrea Keklak, Georgetown (500-meter dash, 4x800-meter relay)
Aleta Looker, Georgetown (4x800-meter relay)
Heather Martin, Georgetown (800-meter run, 4x400-meter relay)
Samantha Nadel, Georgetown (DMR)
Sabrina Southerland, Georgetown (1,000-meter run, DMR, 4x400-meter relay)
Kennedy Weisner, Georgetown (Mile, DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Bridget Bodee, Marquette (High Jump)
Nicole Ethier, Marquette (4x400-meter relay)
Monique Felix, Marquette (Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pentathlon) **
Cassy Goodrich, Marquette (400-meter dash, 4x400-meter relay)
Nicole Jaffke, Marquette (Pole Vault)
Maya Marion, Marquette (Shot Put)
Alison Parker, Marquette (DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Jennifer Parker, Marquette (4x800-meter relay)
Jessica Parker, Marquette (DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Kayla Spencer, Marquette (DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Anna Strong, Marquette (400-meter dash, DMR, 4x400-meter relay)
Arra Strong, Marquette (4x400-meter relay)
Gemma Tedeschi, Marquette (Pole Vault)
Omo Tseumah, Marquette (High Jump)
Brianna Ilarda, Providence (Mile)
Lauren Mullins, Providence (5,000-meter run)
Catarina Rocha, Providence (3,000-meter run)
Jasmine Burkett, St. John's (Pentathlon)
Patricia Clark, St. John's (Weight Throw)
Ann Dagrin, St. John's (Weight Throw)
Pariis Garcia, St. John's (200-meter dash, 400-meter dash, 4x400-meter relay)
Shenika King, St. John's (4x400-meter relay)
Claire Mooney, St. John's (500-meter dash, 4x400-meter relay)
Anointing Onuoha, St. John's (Long Jump)
Raquel Ricketts, St. John's (4x400-meter relay)
Julia Schwan, St. John's (Pentathlon)
Maya Stephens, St. John's (60-meter dash, 200-meter dash)
Nyla Woods, St. John's (Weight Throw)
Sammy Bockoven, Villanova (1,000-meter run, DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Siofra Cleirigh Buttner, Villanova (DMR)
Rebecca Del Rossi, Villanova (4x800-meter relay)
Shanice Grant, Villanova (60-meter hurdles)
Kaleigh Hughes, Villanova (DMR)
Nicole Hutchinson, Villanova (Mile, 4x800-meter relay)
Erin Jaskot, Villanova (4x800-meter relay)
Angel Piccirillo, Villanova (1,000-meter run, DMR) ***
Catherine Walker, Villanova (Pole Vault)
Anne Yahiro, Villanova (Triple Jump)
Sydney Larkin, Xavier (500-meter dash)
Kara Robinson, Xavier (60-meter hurdles) 
Johnny Leverenz, Butler (800-meter run)
Erik Peterson, Butler (5,000-meter run)
Dakota Thompson, Butler (High Jump)
Charles Bottoms, DePaul (4x400-meter relay)
Kyle Decker, DePaul (60-meter hurdles)
Sebastian Feyersinger, DePaul (200-meter dash, 400-meter dash, 4x400-meter relay)
Kyle Hedge, DePaul (Shot Put)
Jarvis Hill, DePaul (500-meter dash, 4x400-meter relay)
Trevor Kintyhtt, DePaul (Shot Put, Weight Throw) **
Brian Mada, DePaul (Long Jump, Triple Jump)
Isaac Walker, DePaul (4x400-meter relay)
Amos Bartelsmeyer, Georgetown (Mile, DMR)
Ahmed Bile, Georgetown (DMR)
Spencer Brown, Georgetown (1,000-meter run, 4x800-meter relay)
Charles Cooper, Georgetown (4x800-meter relay)
Jonathan Green, Georgetown (5,000-meter run)
Michael Lederhouse, Georgetown (DMR)
Andrew Ogle, Georgetown (4x800-meter relay)
Joseph White, Georgetown (800-meter run, DMR)
Cole Williams, Georgetown (4x800-meter relay)
Connor Boos, Marquette (200-meter dash, 4x400-meter relay)
Maxwell Bullard, Marquette (Shot Put, Weight Throw)
Dwayne Dash Jr., Marquette (Long Jump, Triple Jump)
Nicholas Ebert, Marquette (4x400-meter relay)
William Eggers, Marquette (Heptathlon)
William Ford, Marquette (Pole Vault)
Joel McBride, Marquette (Weight Throw)
Killion McGinnis, Marquette (High Jump)
Alec Miller, Marquette (1,000-meter run)
Anton Rice, Marquette (4x400-meter relay)
Joel Swanberg, Marquette (60-meter hurdles, Pole Vault, Heptathlon)
Karl Tatum, Marquette (60-meter dash)
Jay Whalen, Marquette (4x400-meter relay)
Will Wolf, Marquette (Triple Jump)
James Campbell, Providence (DMR)
Harvey Dixon, Providence (4x800-meter relay)
Andrew Doherty, Providence (DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Jordan Mann, Providence (3,000-meter run, DMR)
Julian Oakley, Providence (Mile, DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Michael O'Leary, Providence (4x800-meter relay)
Robert Cacace, Villanova (Heptathlon)
Kyle Cartwright, Villanova (4x400-meter relay)
Robert Denault, Villanova (3,000-meter run, DMR)
James Deutemeyer, Villanova (Pole Vault)
Ville Lampinen, Villanova (500-meter dash, 4x400-meter relay)
Josh Lampron, Villanova (800-meter run)
Ben Malone, Villanova (DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Ishmael Muhammad, Villanova (500-meter dash, 4x800-meter relay)
Mike Morrow, Villanova (High Jump)
Sterling Pierce, Villanova (60-meter dash, 200-meter dash)
Harry Purcell, Villanova (400-meter dash, DMR, 4x400-meter relay)
Aaron Sandifer, Villanova (60-meter hurdles)
Elliot Slade, Villanova (1,000-meter run, 4x800-meter relay)
Patrick Tiernan, Villanova (3,000-meter run, 5,000-meter run) ***
Donald Urschel, Villanova (4x400-meter relay)
Jordan Williamsz, Villanova (Mile, DMR, 4x800-meter relay)
Colin Winslow, Villanova (400-meter dash)
Russell Platt, Xavier (60-meter dash)
Zachary Polk, Xavier (Long Jump)

** Most Outstanding Field Performer (Male/Female)
*** Most Outstanding Track Performer (Male/Female)



Women's Team Scores

  1. Marquette - 168.50
  2. St. John's - 150
  3. Villanova - 133.5
  4. Georgetown -112
  5. DePaul - 98
  6. Providence - 46
  7. Butler - 38
  8. Xavier - 32

Most Outstanding Female Field Performer: Monique Felix, Marquette
Most Outstanding Female Track Performer: Angel Piccirillo, Villanova
Women's Coaching Staff of the Year: Marquette

Men's Team Scores

  1. Villanova - 208
  2. Marquette - 195
  3. DePaul - 124.5
  4. Georgetown - 89
  5. Butler - 62.5
  6. Providence - 54
  7. Xavier - 40

Most Outstanding Male Field Performer: Trevor Kintyhtt, DePaul
Most Outstanding Male Track Performer: Patrick Tiernan, Villanova
Men's Coaching Staff of the Year: Villanova


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