Distance Runner A.J. Gedwill Volunteers in El Salvador

A.J. Gedwill (front row, second from left), spent his spring break in El Salvador.

April 25, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Senior distance runner A.J. Gedwill spent his spring break embodying Marquette's core values by helping others in need. Gedwill, along with seven other Marquette students, traveled to the village of San Luis de Los Ranchos in El Salvador. Gedwill, an economics and finance major in Marquette's College of Business Administration, applied what he has learned in the classroom to assist the people of the small village.

Indigo WorkshopThe people of San Luis de Los Ranchos live below the poverty line, many of whom live on only a couple dollars a day. Gedwill and his group worked with a small co-op of women to help establish a business plan to make the San Luis de Los Ranchos Indigo Workshop more efficient. 

By sewing and dying clothing using the indigo plant, the workshop sells its finished items in local markets and to visiting tourists. 

Using models learned through his business studies, Gedwill and his group used theorems such as cost analysis and simple accounting procedures to show the people of San Luis de Los Ranchos how to keep track of their costs and sales. 
 San Luis de Los Ranchos Indigo Workshop 

"All in all, it was a very rewarding experience and I believe we made significant difference in their lives," Gedwill said of his time in El Salvador.




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