Track & Field Earns 35 Combined All-BIG EAST Performers

May 15, 2018

Official BIG EAST Release

NEW YORK – The Marquette University men’s and women’s track and field teams combined for 35 All-BIG EAST performers – the most-ever – following the 2018 BIG EAST Championships that featured the men’s second league title and women’s fourth-straight top-three finish.

The BIG EAST honored 135 student-athletes on Tuesday comprised of BIG EAST competitors who finished in the top-three in any individual or relay event at the championship meet, with this season’s meet held at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio, May 11-12.

The men, on the heels of their second outdoor team title in three seasons, earned a program-record and league-best 21 All-BIG EAST honorees. The list includes four individual champions: Daniel Armstrong (high jump), Samuel Johnson (long jump), Brendan McKinney (hammer), Joel Swanberg (pole vault). The men also had five earning multiple certificates with Connor Boos (200m, 4x100), Johnson (long jump, triple jump), McKinney (discus, hammer throw), Alec Miller (800m, 4x800m) and Joshua Word (100m, 4x100m).

In addition, the men's coaching staff led by 11th-year head coach Bert Rogers, was recognized as BIG EAST Staff of the Year.

The women’s team, which placed third overall, earned 14 All-BIG EAST honorees. The list includes two individual champions (Terica Harris – triple jump; Keely Knobbe – discus) and four earning multiple certificates: Cassy Goodrich (400m, 4x100m), Harris (triple jump, 4x100m), Knobbe (discues, hammer throw) and Breanne Marchan (high jump, 4x100m).



The full list is below, with student-athletes arranged alphabetically by last name. Also below are the major awards from the 2018 BIG EAST Outdoor Track & Field Championships, selected by a vote of the league’s head coaches.

BIG EAST Coaching Staff of the Year
Men’s: Marquette
Women’s: Villanova

BIG EAST Championship Outstanding Track Field Performer
Men’s: Amos Bartelsmeyer, Georgetown
Women’s: Nicole Hutchinson, Villanova 
BIG EAST Championship Outstanding Field Performer
Men’s: Wade Walder, Butler
Women’s: Jade Gates, DePaul 

BIG EAST Championship High Point Performer Award
Men’s: Wade Walder, Butler - 23 points 
Women’s: Taylor Williams, Georgetown – 21.5 points

Men’s All-BIG EAST
**Nate Alleyne, Georgetown, Fr. (200m, 400m, 4x400)
Daniel Armstrong, Marquette, So. (HJ)
Amos Bartelsmeyer, Georgetown, Sr. (800m, 4x800)
Eric Baugh, Butler, So. (4x800)
Joshua Bell, Georgetown, So. (4x800)
Daniel Bendel, Marquette, Fr. (4x100)
Bryan Bjerk, Georgetown, Sr. (SP, Discus)
Connor Boos, Marquette, Jr. (200m, 4x100)
Ross Bravo, Marquette, Fr. (110m-H)
Amir Brock, Villanova, Fr. (4x100, 4x400)
Spencer Brown, Georgetown, So. (1,500m)
Richard Bush, Villanova, Fr. (4x100)
Cory Cegelski, Marquette, Sr. (LJ)
Kino Cheltenham, Georgetown, Fr. (4x400)
Richard Clark, Butler, Jr. (Decathlon)
Casey Comber, Villanova, So. (5,000m)
Charles Cooper, Georgetown, Jr. (4x800)
Michael Crozier, Georgetown, Sr. (5,000m)
Kyle Decker, DePaul, Jr. (110m-H)
James Deutemyer, Villanova, Sr. (PV)
Brad Eagan, Marquette, Jr. (4x800)
William Eggers, Marquette, Jr. (Decathlon)
Brian Faust, Villanova, Fr. (400m, 4x400)
**Sebastian Feyersinger, DePaul, Sr. (400m, 4x100, 4x400)
Jarvis Friend-Grace, DePaul, Sr. (400m-H, 4x400)
Daniel Garcia, Butler, Sr. (4x800)
Nicholas Golebiowski, Georgetown, Jr. (10,000m)
Derek Gross, Marquette, So. (4x800)
Liam Harris, Providence, So. (Steeplechase)
Kyle Hedge, DePaul, Jr. (SP)
Terrance Howard, Marquette, Jr. (HT)
**Keegan Hughes, Villanova, Fr. (400m-H, 4x100, 4x400)
Bobby Johnson, Butler, Sr. (10,000m)
Samuel Johnson, Marquette, Fr. (LJ, TJ)
Jack Judge, Villanova, Jr. (Javelin)
Jacob Kelly, Villanova, Fr. (HJ)
Ville Lampinen, Villanova, Jr. (4x400)
Johnny Leverenz, Butler, Jr. (1,500m, 4x800)
Evan Lowry, DePaul, Sr. (4x400)
Matt Lumbar, Butler, Sr. (10,000m)
Chandler McGaha, Butler, Fr. (4x800)
Brendan McKinney, Marquette, Jr. (Discus, HT)
Brian Mada, DePaul, Jr. (LJ, TJ)
Ben Malone, Villanova, Sr. (1,500m)
Dominic Marshall, DePaul, So. (HT, Discus)
Andrew Marston, Villanova, So. (5,000m)
Alec Miller, Marquette, Jr. (800m, 4x800)
Aric Miller, Marquette, Sr. (4x800)
Adam Nelson, DePaul, So. (100m, 4x100)
Ruach Padhal, Georgetown, Fr. (800m)
Mathew Peter, Marquette, Jr. (110m-H)
Sterling Pierce, Villanova, Jr. (100m, 200m)
Nicholas Quandt, Marquette, Fr. (PV)
Rey Rivera, Georgetown, Fr. (4x400)
Kevin Ryan, Marquette, Sr. (Steeplechase)
Jack Salisbury, Georgetown, Fr. (4x800)
Chris Shanahan, Providence, Fr. (Javelin)
Henry Sise, Villanova, Jr. (SP)
Nick Steele, Villanova, Fr. (Steeplechase)
Joel Swanberg, Marquette, Sr. (PV)
Ryan Tompkins, Villanova, Fr. (HJ)
Michael Troup, Villanova, Fr. (4x100)
Chris Van Saders, Marquette, Sr. (400m-H)
Brendan Van Voorhis, DePaul, Fr. (4x100)
Wade Walder, Butler, So. (Javelin, Decathlon)
Isaac Walker, DePaul, Jr. (4x100, 4x400)
Jay Whalen, Marquette, Jr. (4x100)
Quincey Wilson, Georgetown, So. (4x400)
Will Wolf, Marquette, Sr. (TJ)
Joshua Word, Marquette, Sr. (100m, 4x100)
Women’s All-BIG EAST
Leah Anderson, St. John’s, Fr. (400m, 4x400)
Taryn Ashby, Villanova, Fr. (Javelin)
Mackenzie Barry, Providence, Sr. (10,000m)
Eboni Birch, St. John’s, Jr. (Heptathlon)
Sammy Bockoven, Villanova, So. (4x800)
Alexia Brooks, DePaul, Jr. (100m-H, 4x100)
Bella Burda, Villanova, Jr. (10,000m)
**Danielle Burns, Villanova, So. (100m-H, 400m-H, 4x400)
Ann Campbell, Villanova, Jr. (1,500m)
Simone Carr, DePaul, Sr. (4x400)
Meghan Carroll, Marquette, Sr. (4x800)
Rutendo Chimbaru, DePaul, So. (4x400)
Kaley Ciluffo, Villanova, So. (1,500m, 4x800)
Niki Cleary, Villanova, Jr. (Heptathlon)
Siofra Cleirigh Buttner, Villanova, Sr. (800m, 4x400)
Margie Cullen, Georgetown, So. (Steeplechase, 4x800)
Laura Edwards, DePaul, Jr. (4x100, 4x400)
Emily Eller, DePaul, Jr. (SP, Discus)
Allie Flando, Marquette, Fr. (SP)
Dominique Franco, Villanova, So. (PV)
Antonia Frazier, St. John’s, Fr. (Heptathlon)
Jade Gates, DePaul, Fr. (HT, Javelin)
Kate Gobi, Georgetown, So. (4x800)
Cassy Goodrich, Marquette, Sr. (400m, 4x100)
Erica Graham, St. John’s, Sr. (LJ)
Terica Harris, Marquette, Sr. (4x100, TJ)
Alex Harrison, Villanova, Fr. (Steeplechase, 4x800)
Gabrielle Howard, DePaul, Sr. (LJ, TJ)
Malika Houston, Georgetown, Fr. (100m-H, 4x100)
Nicole Hutchinson, Villanova, Jr.; (1,500m, 5,000m)
Jody-Ann Knight, Georgetown, Sr. (4x100)
Keely Knobbe, Marquette, Jr. (Discus, HT)
Aleta Looker, Georgetown, Sr. (4x800)
Rachel McArthur, Villanova, Fr. (800m, 4x400)
Amanda McNelis, Villanova, Fr. (PV)
Breanne Marchan, Marquette, So. (4x100, HJ)
Maya Marion, Marquette, Sr., (SP)
Kelsey Margey, Villanova, Sr. (800m, 4x800)
Madison Marko, Marquette, So. (4x100)
Dylan Marshall, DePaul, So. (Javelin)
Sydnee Matthew, DePaul, Sr. (TJ)
Shannon Meisberger, Georgetown, Fr. (400m-H)
Lindsey Mirkes, Marquette, Fr. (HJ)
Emma Moravec, Marquette, Fr. (4x800)
Caroline Muller, DePaul, Jr. (HJ)
Jade Nolan, DePaul, Jr. (LJ)
Amari Onque-Shabazz, Villanova, So. (4x400)
Kafi Ottley, St. John’s, So. (4x400)
Cassidy Palmer, Georgetown, Fr. (4x100)
Jennifer Parker, Marquette, Sr. (4x800)
Jessica Parker, Marquette, Sr. (4x800)
Meredith Rizzo, Georgetown, Sr. (Steeplechase, 4x800)
Catarina Rocha, Providence, Sr. (10,000m)
Jenna Rosenthal, Marquette, Jr. (Discus)
Lauren Ryan, Villanova, Fr. (5,00m)
Chenoa Sebastian, St. John’s, Sr. (4x400)
**Maya Stephens, St. John’s, Sr. (200m, 400m, 4x400)
Gemma Tedeschi, Marquette, Sr. (PV)
Allie Vogeler, Butler, Jr. (400m-H)
**Kiersten Walker, DePaul, Fr. (200m, 4x100, 4x400)
Jessica Watkins, DePaul, Jr. (100m, 4x100)
Abbey Wheeler, Providence, So. (5,000m)
**Taylor Williams, Georgetown, Jr.; (100m, 200m, 4x100)
Trudy-Ann Williamson, Villanova, Fr.; (100m)
Nyla Woods, St. John’s, Sr. (HT)

Italics – two All-BIG EAST certificates
**Three All-BIG EAST certificates


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