Cross Country Blog: Connor Callahan - Sept. 21, 2011

Callahan ran a time of 25:29 at Notre Dame

Sept. 21, 2011

Cross Country Blog

by junior men's distance runner Connor Callahan:

This is the third in a series of blogs by the Marquette University men's and women's cross country teams chronicling the 2011 season. This week catches up with men's junior Connor Callahan, Marquette's fifth male finisher at the National Catholic Championships on Friday, Sept. 16.

This past weekend, we competed at Notre Dame at the National Catholic Championships. It was a big meet for two reasons, the first being that it’s the first five-mile race of the season, which is what we’ll run until regionals when the distance goes up to 10k (6.2 miles), and the second being that this meet determines who has the best Catholics, although not officially.

There was much anticipation and excitement going into this meet even with our loss of many members of the men’s team due to injury. During our workout on Wednesday, the group consisting of myself, Patrick Maag, Peter Bolgert, Blake Johnson, and Spencer Agnew finished the last two repeats in "flying V" formation in Mighty Ducks fashion.

On the bus ride Friday more excitement was added with the always great movie The Dark Knight, with Jack Hackett’s quoting abilities of Batman, especially the famous quote of “I’m not wearing hockey pads.” Even quotes from Top Gun were being brought up due to the fact the classic movie was on TV the night before.

The open race was run first, with the men and women running combined. Senior Patrick Keeley led the way for us running a solid race, with junior Evan Ross finally running his first five-mile race, along with lone freshman Marc DiVerde.



On the women’s side, Alyssa Beste ran a great race to start her season and it was her first race in the Marquette jersey. It will be exciting to see what she can do now that the big racing month of October is approaching.

The next race was the women’s race, where freshman Kenzie Vicker led the team again, and it will be exciting to see what she can do when she has Alyssa Beste to run with for the rest of the season.

The last race of the day was the men’s race.

We all ran pretty well, with many of the guys getting big PRs. Unfortunately Notre Dame beat us and ended our winning streak, but now we know what we need to do between now and the Big East meet, and ultimately the Great Lakes Regional meet to be ready to compete with the top teams.

We’ll definitely be taking advantage of this off week to get in some more miles and to gain more strength before the Greater Louisville Classic which kicks off the real cross country season.

Hopefully in these coming weeks we start getting guys off the "swim team," as we are currently at just 11 healthy guys.

Coach Nelson has told us many times that sometimes your best ability can be your availability, and ultimately at the end of the year it’s the healthier teams that are ready to rock at the conference and regional meets.

There’s still plenty of season left, and you can rest assured that the men’s cross country team will be quoting plenty of Top Gun in the coming weeks, and the swim team will hopefully come to an end.

- Connor Callahan


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