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Jan. 13, 2007

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Head Coach Tom Crean
"Today our crowd helped us out a lot - to get, create and maintain momentum."

"We had to have ball movement and hold their three-point looks. We executed above average and ran the floor without the lulls a young team can have. We played against a very good team with a very good coaching staff."

"It is holding them to one shot. Our biggest thing is we couldn't get worked up on whether it was a zone, man, or a trap. There were certain things we wanted to do against each defense and in the second half we got the looks we wanted. Our energy and ability to keep running is really what separated us today."

"West Virginia is a hard team to turn over because they pass very well. It was very important that we limit them to one shot. We never wanted to stop running."

"One of our biggest keys on offense was that Dan (Fitzgerald) and David (Cubillan) needed to get more shots. We needed to move the ball and there were times David turned down shots we need him to take. David realizes he is a great defender and he needs to realize he is a good shooter. Dan did an excellent job defensively against a great player in Joe Alexander."

"Nobody wants to lose at home. You have to do the very best job to control them. Our fans have a big hand in that and they did a great job today. They helped us build a tremendous energy."

"We are not about not creating comfort for them to play. We want them to understand that they might have a good shot, but one more pass might create a great shot."

"This team is making some really good adjustments and are coming to the bench with some things in mind and that is a sign of growth."

"We had great dialog at halftime and that is what you have to have. Most of the time you have to have some free flow in there. We needed to adjust a couple things at halftime to adjust against the zone."

Jerel McNeal
"I think we did a great job. We knew coming in if we were able to get stops defensively, we would be able to get good shots in transition. We were able to do a good job defensively and that kind of took them out of their zone."



"We knew they were going to shoot a lot of threes. Coach told us we would get a lot of guard rebounds and would have to get the ball and go, really turn up the tempo, which we wanted to do."

"Our team is a defensively-minded team. When we get things going on the defensive end, we can turn them into points on the offensive end. We want to force turnovers and get the easy transition points."

On the performance of David Cubillan...
"All week coach has been telling us that he needs to get more shots. We took that upon ourselves to drive more and then find him open. He came up big for us."

Dominic James
"We didn't really want to give them an opportunity to set up their zone. We wanted to get out quick. They do a good job in their 1-3-1 and can shut teams down, so every time we got a chance we wanted to push it."

"We had great preparation and coach did a great job putting guys in positions where they could attack. If it wasn't one guy creating, it was someone else."

"The entire team did a great job of driving and kicking out. When those guys are penetrating, everyone is going to get open looks. I was staying confident and my teammates did a good job getting me open shots."

On playing at 11 a.m. ...
"We had a lot of energy in the locker room. Regardless of what time it is, we need to be ready to play."

West Virginia
Head Coach John Beilein
"I think some reality set in today. Marquette is an extremely good basketball team. There should be no question in anyone's mind. They played today like they did have four of five starters back from an NCAA Tournament team. We are going to have some games like this and have to suck them up and get better."

On Marquette stopping the three-point shot...
"Individually, they are a good defensive team. They guarded us well, guarded our patters well, and we didn't read some of the things we should have read."

"The way we try to play on offense, timing is everything. If one person lags it can throw anything off. It is not as much about us as it is them - they are very good."

"We are a really young, inexperienced team. We have to find a way to embrace challenges and grow from them."


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