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March 3, 2007

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Head Coach Tom Cream
"Rivalries are only that when you have two teams with mutual respect and we had played in many great games against Pittsburgh. They have great players and have a lot of class and we knew they were not going to go away. We have a lot of respect for them and our guys really have a lot of things going for them."

"The momentum changer for us was certainly Mike Kinsella. We worked him a lot at the three."

"Lazar and David, like so many young players in this league and others, are so far beyond their freshman year. Those two take a back seat to nobody on this team."

"This is one of these days they will never forget. They really stepped up against one of the greatest teams and best players in the league. We had a 17 point lead and we knew that they weren't going to go away."

On the play of David Cubillan...
"For him to have 20 points on the day the guy he usually backs up was hurt was phenomenal."

Wesley Matthews
"We couldn't ask for a better atmosphere. The crowd was ready for this game, we definitely fed off this energy."

"We were just playing to win. Everyone was telling me I had to step up and I knew I had to step up. Everyone had to make big plays tonight and I just had to do the same thing. And it wasn't just me, it was my teammates getting me the ball where I could score."

On defending Aaron Gray...
"We had a game plan and we executed. We knew he was going to be the focal point and get his touches. He had 18 and 13, but a lot of it came late. He is a great player and is going to do great things. All the bigs who guarded him played great."

"We should be able to roll and feed off of this game. If anything, this should be a big confidence builder even after losing one of our big players."

David Cubillan
"I knew I was going to have to step up, all of us knew. Jerel is such a big part of this team. We always prepare and I was ready to step up and play."

"It was a great crowd. It was a wonderful environment and I fed off there energy."




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