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Nov. 10, 2006

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Marquette Post-Game Quotes November 10, 2006 No. 16/17 Marquette vs. Hillsdale College

Head Coach Tom Crean "I told the team after the game, some teams have to wait six to eight games, some six to eight weeks to find out what kind of team they are. Other teams are telling us what we need to do. When we play with energy and fire on offense and defense, we have a chance. It's not about who our opponents are, every one is different. Opponents we have played as of late have played the way they want to play. We need to play the way we did for 20 minutes in the second half for 40 minutes. We have got to have a defensive mindset and we have many things we need to work through on the offensive end."

"Poise, patient, and making extra passes are things we are not doing yet. We are still thinking homeruns rather than making easy plays. We were a lot more efficient in the second half. It's not that complicated. The games we have played, the other teams are teaching us how we need to play. We will get better, I have no doubt that."

"When you get accolades and honors, it only fuels the fire for our opponents. We need to be ready for anyone and be ready to compete."

Sophomore guard Dominic James "We were anxious and had some jitters tonight, and have to learn from them, but we worked through them and won. We have to come in with the mentality to win no matter who it is we are playing and we didn't do that in first half. We turned it up in the second half and got back in the game. We are still trying to get our chemistry together, while trying to do a lot of things. We are still learning about each other."

"This was a learning experience tonight. More than anything else, we need to work hard in practice. It all starts there. We have a lot of maturing to do as a team, but the guys are willing to learn and are open minded."

Sophomore guard Jerel McNeal "I think not only in last six minutes, the main focus was our team concept. We let them come out and play their style and they made us play their style. I think our timing was a little bit off tonight, but that comes with experience and playing more games. It all started with our defense and if we would have played defense like we wanted to all night long, we wouldn't have been in the situation we were."




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