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Nov. 14, 2006

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Head Coach Tom Crean
"The execution was certainly there. The emotion started last night on the defensive end. We started the game with a defensive mindset and we wouldn't have won the game last night without that. That carried over to tonight. Worst thing we could have done was over do missing shots. We were much more focused on getting the ball in side and driving angles. Execution wise, a big difference."

"We just wanted to improve everyday. As guys get more comfortable in here, everything will take off."

"This time of year, when you have a unit that wants to get better, they are working hard to get better. We continue to show the guys the things that they are doing well and correct the things that they aren't. We will continue to do that. We tell the guys that your layups may leave you, your jump shots may leave you, your free throws may leave you, but you always have a defensive mindset."

"In a short turnaround like we'll have in Kansas City or in a BIG EAST or NCAA Tournament, you have to make adjustments quickly. We were more focused on what we were running last night and doing it better. We were more conscious of getting the ball in the middle and swinging it outside."

"(Ryvon Covile) is very good. They didn't have him last year. He's quick, athletic and he can shoot the ball. I thought we were very focused on him. One of our goals, believe it or not, was to hold Brandon Cotton and Covile to 30 or less. We held them to 30 -- the two of them. They can play in anyone's league. I thought it was great preparation for down the road for what we are going to see. Do we need to get bette? Sure, what team this time of year doesn't."

"We knew as a staff we were going to go with (Lazar) early. I looked at the film last night and I wish we had played him more. Amazing thing is that he had the steals tonight. He has a scorers mentality and our team needs that. He's trying to get into a shape these other guys have been in for a while."



"We had great confidence today that we'd come out with great passion and a lot of enthusiasm and energy. We played a good team today. Detroit will be a force in the Horizon League."

"I think it started to build last night (for James). His mindset is where it should be defensively and running the club. Jerel McNeal had a great game. He didn't take a lot of shots, but he made great decisions. This is certainly the closest we've played with a three guard mentality."

Dominic James
"We moved the ball very well tonight, got a lot of open shots and played well as a team tonight. The flow we got into in transition got us into the flow offensively. A lot of our points came from the transition and were started with our defense. We did a great job getting turnovers and turning them into points."
"We have to continue to build on where we left off and work together and create for each other. It shows how good of a team we can be. We need to keep learning and listening to coach to get better."
Wesley Matthews
"We were focusing more tonight than last night, which was mainly a mental thing. We wanted to be more confident and were able to knock down the shots we wanted to."??"When our offense is on, the defense is usually on. We want to think stop first and then the offense will come."


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