Post Game Quotes

Nov. 18, 2006

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- Head Coach Tom Crean

"I thought our team played an extremely solid 30 minutes. Take away the first five minutes and last five minutes, I thought we played well. We didn't contain the dribble well enough. We settled in and pressured the ball well. We got better as the game went on. We are moving the ball and the key to the slow start offensively is not let hte other team off to a fast start. We are guarding and moving the ball. If you can score 95 points like that in a hurry means you are getting good shots and your defense is solid. This is the type of game to play before we go up against some great, great basketball programs."

Sophomore Dominic James

"We had to start playing defensively more with our feet instead of our hands. Once we started making our stops, we got our offense going. I think we made a better adjustment once the game went on. We need to continue to attack in the middle and then more shots will open up. I didn't get my shot off early, so then I try to find other ways. As I played better defense, my offense started flowing."

About playing Texas Tech: "They are quick team, big and physical. I don't see any match-up problems. Hopefully we can cause some for them. It is a great opportunity for me and my team mates to go up against a hall of fame coach in coach Knight. I love coaches like that. It will be an honor to play against him. We are ready for it. It will be a great atmosphere. We are definitely looking forward to the match up with Texas Tech. "

Being from Indiana it is easy to fall into the trend of wanting to play for Coach Knight at IU, but by the time recruiting came along, he wasn't there. I wouldn't have minded playing for him because he is a competitor, and I love playing for a competitor. I am playing for a huge competitor in coach.

Sophomore Jerel McNeal

About forcing turnovers: "It has been a real big focus. We need to get up and pressure guys and try to force turnovers anytime that we can. At times we gamble a little too much and to try to get the steals."

About starting off slow: "Its a matter of time for guys. We started off cold a little out of sync, but the main thing is after we started getting the defensive stops and forcing turnovers, things just rolled from there. "

About Texas Tech Head Coach Bob Knight: "He is a real intense coach, an unbelievable competitor. They (Texas Tech) are a real disciplined team. They are competitors and when you platy a team like that you aren't going to expect anything less."

About playing in first national TV game: "We are anxious to show the nation what we got. Once the ball is tossed up though the cameras aren't there. "




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