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Dec. 9, 2006

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Marquette Quotes

Head Coach Tom Crean
"We did not execute on either end of the floor. They executed and we did not. Our execution was off and they played good. The fortunate thing is that we all have a bunch of big games to keep getting ready for. Everyone played hard. If it wasn't such a big deal, it wouldn't hurt so hard."

"Both schools had a great crowd, it was a fantastic atmosphere. We didn't play well but never hung our heads. They played better than we did today."

"Our ball pressure limited our defensive aggressiveness. They are a great passing team. I think at the end of the day, from top to bottom, that is the greatest skill they have collectively."

On the play of Dominic James...
"We wouldn't be in positions that we are without him. He wants to win, wants to lead and will keep improving."

Wesley Matthews
"We didn't make shots that we would normally make. We were getting the shots that we usually take but couldn't make them."

"Any loss hurts, especially at home and against a rival like Wisconsin. You break down film and you learn a lot from a game. If you learn anything, its about how you can bounce back after a loss."

"We were never able to get that big surge and run that we are used to getting. They made some big shots down the stretch. When we started to build a run, they knocked it back down. They executed well. We need to play our style and we didn't play like that tonight."

Jerel McNeal
"It was a matter of frustration. It was a matter of us moving the ball and getting the shots that we wanted, especially in the first half. It's hard playing from behind, especially in the second half against a good team."

On the play of Marcus Landry...
"Offensively, Landry (Marcus) did a great job coming off the bench. Our coaches knew he would come in and be a presence. He was definitely a spark for them. We need to do a better job defensively."

Dominic James
"I know I have a target on my back. I am going to go out there and play the way that I know how to play and I don't let anyone else dictate how I am going to play."

"We didn't have the ball movement needed to get open shots. When that happens, the lane opens up when we hit the shots we normally do. We need to keep the confidence that we can hit shots. We need to keep moving the ball and be unselfish."

On the play of the bench...
"Every game, Lazar is getting better. He is still trying to find his rhythm, but I think this is going to be the game that gets him going. David as well, he is going to continue to be that spark off the bench we need."

Wisconsin Quotes

Head Coach Bo Ryan
"On the sidelines, I can fight shadows. The players get to play and handle the tight situations and make plays off of it. I thought the players did a nice job, and even after some turnovers, did a great job of bouncing back."

On the intensity at the beginning of the game...
"No matter how you prepare yourself, you just need to get up and down the court a couple times, you get it out of your system, the anxiousness, and you are ready to go."

On holding Marquette to 39.4 percent from the field...
"We have shot that poorly at times and still won games. The thing is, you take a look at the tape and ask yourself if you made them miss because you defended well. Sometimes it (the shot) just doesn't go. You can turn around the next game and fire and make everything."

"I learned today about how strong you have to be on the road and how physical it can get. You have to stay to the task and play one possession at a time."

Kammron Taylor
"We pick each other up when our number is called and we kept feeding the ball to Tucker because he had the hot hand."

Alando Tucker
On the Marquette Crowd...
"Marquette wanted us to get in the up and down, and that's how the crowd stays in it. If you can get to the free throw line and control the tempo, you can take the crowd out of it."

"To be or first true road game and play a ranked opponent, they played grate, and so did we. That is one of the things that shows a sign to me that Wisconsin is maturing as ap program and come in a fight through adversity."

On his senior leadership...
"These guys respect me so much and I respect them. In these situations, the final minutes of a game, this is something I love. The guys are going to look to me in situations like this. Games that come down to the final minutes, players are going to look for me and Kammron for leadership."




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