On Point: Derrick Wilson's Summer Blog Series

June 4, 2014

Note: Senior guard Derrick Wilson of the men’s basketball team will be providing fans a weekly glimpse into his life during the “offseason” all summer long on GoMarquette.com. The updates will be posted on Wednesday afternoons through July.

Hey, what’s up? I am Derrick Wilson of the Marquette men’s basketball team. I am a guard from Anchorage, Alaska, majoring in corporate communications.

Throughout the summer I will give you an insight into what a week is like in a Marquette men’s basketball player’s shoes. I will let all of you know what I am up to and also what our team is up to. One thing that I know most people are interested in is how Coach Wojo and the staff are on and off the court, so I will make sure to give updates on that in the next couple of weeks as well.

To tell you a little about myself, I am what most people consider a military brat. Growing up I moved around quite a bit because my father was in the United States Army. I was born in Germany and I have lived in Turkey and have resided in six different states. Currently, I am back and forth between San Antonio, Texas, and obviously Milwaukee. I have two brothers who live in Anchorage and a sister who lives in New York City. I am a laid back guy who loves to joke, hang out with the boys and play basketball.

Since we’re about two weeks into summer let me tell you what the team and I have been up to so far.

Currently, everyone is taking a summer school and I am doing an internship with Marquette Athletics in their communications department. As we all know, academics are very important, so we are all working to get closer to our degree. We have also been working out with the coaching staff about three times a week, working on our skill set. So far the workouts have been very productive and we’re all seeing improvement in each other’s games. The new coaching staff is doing a great job and everybody should be excited for this upcoming year.

I also cannot forget about Todd Smith, our weight training coach. Even though he may annoy us sometimes, the work he has done for us has been overlooked at times, but we all know he has been a key element in our success over the past few years. This summer we have been working with him building our bodies, getting bigger, faster and stronger.

Well, since this is the first blog post I can’t give you too much info because then nobody will check for my next entry. But, I am excited to keep everyone updated on what I am up to as well as the team and the coaching staff.

So make sure you tell your friends and family to check out my weekly posts throughout the summer on GoMarquette.com.

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